The Best Gift for Beach Lovers and Boaters

The Best Gift for Beach Lovers and Boaters

If you're looking to buy a gift from someone that loves boating and the beach (or maybe just looking to treat yo' self) you have to know about the amazing carbon fiber instruments from KLOS Guitars. KLOS Guitars makes travel guitars, ukuleles, and full size acoustic guitars out of carbon fiber for the ultimate durability and stability necessary for exposure to harsh environments. Keep reading to see all the qualities that make these instruments ideal for the beach! 🏖

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Having an instrument at the beach is an awesome way to set the vibes to 💯. Take your guitar on a walk to a quiet part of the dunes for the ultimate practice space or set of off a jam session with ukulele around the bonfire.


Traditional wood acoustic guitars and ukuleles suffer major weaknesses due to their construction. The thin, light wall thicknesses of wood instruments given them their wonderful tone, but at the cost of durability. One drop or strike could be traumatic.

Carbon fiber instruments are basically indestructible compared to wood instruments. Carbon fiber instruments sound just as good as wood (or better), but add a ton of durability.

I recently surveyed the group of craftsman that work at KLOS. I asked them what is the biggest factor influencing why they might not bring an instrument along on their adventures. Durability was the number 1 given reason prior to getting a KLOS guitar or ukulele.


Humidity, salt, and massive fluctuations in temperature can all cause massive trauma to an instrument. The damage potential is massive and varied but it includes open seams, delamination of bracing, finish damage, warping, neck twist, and more. Extended exposure to ultra-humid environments will spell death for a wood instrument.

Most musicians probably already have wood instruments, but it makes sense to add a guitar or ukulele that can go anywhere while still sounding just as good.


Where does sand get when you go to the beach? Everywhere.

Where does water get on a boat? Everywhere.

This one is pretty simple, but you can clean a carbon fiber guitar or ukulele using basic any basic cleaning method. Carbon fiber instruments are much easier to clean than wood instruments.

Compact Size

You need a compact instrument if you're going down to the beach for the day and already have a full load of gear including chairs, umbrellas, a cooler, games, and food. 

On a boat, space is everything. There's no room for extra crap, but it's awesome to bring along the little luxuries of life like a guitar or ukulele. If you get skunked on a fishing trip there's nothing better than making a little music.


Some instruments, unfortunately, feature components that cannot travel internationally. Some materials such as ivory were traditionally used in instrument making. Even faux ivory can trigger scrutiny.

The KLOS Carbon Fiber guitars and ukulele are made from materials that can travel anywhere without concern. 


Instruments from KLOS Guitars are the innovative types of products that change the way we enjoy life. From basecamp to the high seas, you can feel empowered that the instrument you love can along for any adventure.

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