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Carbon Fiber

Travel Guitar

Starts at $839

Durable, lightweight, and sounds great for its size.
We combine a full scale-length detachable neck and a small, portable body to give you a small guitar that plays unlike any small guitar you've ever held.

Carbon Fiber

Full Size Guitar

Starts at $1,239

Features a detachable neck and carbon fiber body. We use a body that's on the smaller end of the dreadnought size range to provide a familiar and portable guitar that feels amazing in your hands.

Carbon Fiber

Electric Guitar

Starts at $1,899

Carbon fiber neck, carbon fiber pickguard, and a solid wood body.
Durable, reliable, and carefree. Meet the ultimate electric guitar. Endless upgrades, multiple pickup options, and a detachable neck for travel.

Carbon Fiber

Electric Bass

Starts at $1,399

Carbon fiber neck, carbon fiber pickguard, and a solid wood body.
Durable, reliable, and carefree. This bass has it all. Endless upgrades, multiple pickup options, and a detachable neck for travel.

Carbon Fiber


Starts at $699

Carbon fiber gives our ukuleles an amazing, full sound that you just can't get with wood.
Durable, beautiful, and resonant. Never affected by temperature or humidity. With multiple options. Choose between tenor or concert size. Acoustic Electric versions available.

No More Cable Noise

Silent Cable


Don’t you hate buzzing, crackling, and feedback?
Innovative silencing buttons on both ends eliminate contact noise when plugging into instruments. High grade materials, and a lifetime warranty.

Carbon Fiber

Grand Cutaway Guitar

Starts at $2,199

The KLŌS Grand Cutaway is specially shaped for a premium experience.
The body’s contours allow for much easier access to higher frets, while the deep body cavity produces the most vibrant and resonant sound a KLŌS guitar offers.

Recent Reviews


The instrument was all I hoped for. The sound is phenomenal, it has a nice sustained ring I haven’t had with any other ukulele. It plays well outdoors, and is very robust. I also like the versatility of playing unplugged or plugged in.

Ulf D.

Everyone who hears it or plays it is just blown away by the sound it produces. And I am thrilled with the sound, the fret action, the whole instrument!

Steve M.

Couldn't be happier. Brilliantly engineered instrument. Thank you.

Jeffrey A.

Absolutely love my new guitar. Sounds incredible and plays like a dream.

Allan A.

I got my Apollo Pro in golden brown with solid brass bridge and saddles, and Fishman Fluence pickups. I have played out with it several times. The sound and sustain are so good and the action is like butter. I love this instrument!

Salvatore D.

I have taken the guitar to Mammoth mountain for strumming cords after skiing. It kept tune through the travels and plays well. This is a great guitar to learn on and the 3/4 size really makes a difference when traveling.

Peter R.

This is my 6th KLOS instrument. This is a great ukulele. It has a low action that I like. Very comfortable to hold and play just like the rest of my KLOS instruments.

Raymond P.

Given the 'bolt-on' nature of the neck I was concerned about the action - how it would play and what it would sound like. Happily those concerns disappeared the moment I began to play. The action is very friendly and the sound even and pleasing.
Even if environmental humidity is not a concern this is a fine fun guitar; lightweight, comfortable to hold and pleasant to the ear - and low maintenance.

Gary B.

I now have two Apollo Pros - this one Natural. Best guitar I have ever had. Perfectly set up, light weight and very easy to play. Nice standard pickups. Excellent build quality. Highly recommended.

Author's name
Los Angeles, CA
KLŌS Grand Cutaway Mini hangs on a desert tree


KLŌS instruments can survive humidity, moisture, and temperature changes. Will not crack or warp like instruments made of wood.


We build our products with carbon fiber, one of the world's toughest materials for durability you can count on.


Many of our instruments are equipped with detachable necks, meaning you can pack up your instrument and take it anywhere.
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A KLŌS luthier assembles a KLŌS Travel Guitar
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