founded by the Klosowiak Brothers

About Us


One winter evening in early 2014, cofounder Adam Klosowiak forgot to close the windows to the bedroom of his college dorm for the duration of his winter break. Upon returning to school after vacation, he found the wooden body of his travel guitar had cracked from the bridge to the edge of the soundboard due to the cold and dry winter air. The sound was damaged for good! So his brother Ian decided to come up with a solution.


Ian Klosowiak had plenty of experience both with playing guitar and working with composite materials. In an effort to have fun working with innovative materials for one of his college courses and to create a durable solution to Adam's problem, Ian crafted the very first KLOS guitar. The original KLOS guitar was very primitive compared to the model you see before you. We arrived to this model through an iterative prototyping process. The final product is one that does not create a fear of damaging it when you travel with it, but rather enhances your motivation to play and travel. The KLOS guitar does not limit your sound when you're around the bonfire singing and playing, but rather booms forth your righteous tunes. The KLOS guitar does not compromise the status of your wallet, but rather leaves a small indentation that is quickly filled with love in the form of a six-stringed carbon fiber beauty!


Along with former cofounder Jacob Sheffield, the small KLOS team has made it thus far with the help of hundreds of Kickstarter and Indiegogo backers, Princeton University's summer business accelerator, numerous business competitions, and the help of many friends and family members. To everyone who has helped us get this far, thank you!


We proudly build KLŌS guitars here in the Utah Rocky Mountains where the grandeur of the mountains inspire adventure and creativity, motivating us to produce the highest quality instruments.  KLOS Guitars designs and builds its instruments with several key principles in mind. Our goal is to build great quality instruments at a great price for the end user.  We use a simplistic approach by making the guitar playing and traveling experience carefree, and low maintenance. We use a minimalistic approach by focusing on the fundamentals that make a great guitar, and eliminating all the unnecessary parts and manufacturing procedures that don’t bring much value. Some of our parts and materials come from outside of the USA from partners who are experts in their field. We have partners located in the USA, Canada, China, Korea, Vietnam, and Brazil. Our production facility in the USA does all of the final building process starting with assembling the carbon fiber bodies to the carbon fiber soundboard and ending with stringing and final quality inspection. Some of our accessories are wholly made outside of the USA, such as our gig bags being made in Vietnam. Our builders and inspectors are guitarists and we are proud of the hand crafting that we put into each instrument.


Adam Klosowiak

Adam Klosowiak, CEO

Born in the Chicago suburbs, Adam graduated from Princeton University in 2015 with a degree in electrical engineering. When he's not working or hitting golf balls with his KLOS guitar, you can find him on the slopes or on the trails enjoying the great outdoors.

Ian Klosowiak

Ian Klosowiak, CTO

Having graduated with a mechanical engineering degree from Brigham Young University, Ian has been finding clever solutions to engineering problems ever since being a bike mechanic at the age of 14. He's passionate about composite materials, mountain biking in the Rocky Mountains, and music. 


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