Privacy Policy

We value your patronage to our site and your privacy is an important part of that patronage. Below is our policy for how we may collect and/or make use of your personal information.

Generic Identifiers:

Most websites collect anonymous pieces of information to understand what groups of people, from what locations and at what times people most often frequent their pages. is no different., its licensers and subsidiaries use web tags such as “cookies,” “Facebook pixels,” and “Google pixels” as a means to acquire this information. These tags, coupled with your IP address help us better understand who is using our website and how often.

What is an IP address?

Your IP address is your device’s identifying number. It represents your devices “name” and location.

What are web tags?

There are different forms of web tags but they all perform similar functions. They are usually small amounts of Javascript that is either saved on your computer (as in the case of cookies) or is written into the website (like Facebook pixels and Google pixels). These tags help us monitor our site’s usage, your web browser and other sites you navigated from. We use secure analytic software to measure trends and traffic over time gathered by these various tags.

Email and Email Lists:

We will not sell our email lists to third party agencies. We will retain and use email correspondence for our own purposes, such as customer interest research, newsletter lists (if subscribed), promotions, and optional surveys.

How do we use your information?

We use the information you choose to provide us with to alert users of deals or promotions, other products we offer or up and coming products and events.

Brand Ambassadors:

If you choose to be a KLOS brand ambassador we will post your name, bio and some photos of you on our website and, depending on your role, possibly some of your photos on our social media platforms. If you ever want your images or bio to be removed from our website or social media, for whatever reason, please notify us and we will remove your information. 


We do not knowingly collect information from children under 13 years of age and request that no children submit their personal information to us. If we learn that information we have collected pertains to a minor, we will delete this information. If you are a minor and are interested in our products please consult with your parents and/or legal guardians for permission, otherwise refrain from using this site.


Our website uses the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) system for encrypting credit card information and our website complies with PCI Data Security Standards (DSS). We will NEVER ask for your banking or financial information through email. Please do not send your sensitive personal information through email. Email is an inherently unsecure communication channel. On occasion we will confirm a customer’s shipping address via email if there is any confusion, but this emailing is performed through our site and is therefore protected. 

Policy Subject to Change.

Although we reserve the right to change our Policy without notice, we will NEVER use the personal information you have entrusted to us in a manner different than that described in THIS Policy without your prior consent.

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