KLOS Carbon Fiber Acoustic Guitar - Full Size

Full Size KLOS Guitar

The KLOS full size acoustic guitar features a carbon fiber body and a wooden neck to produce one of the most comfortable, durable, affordable and best sounding guitars out there. Our gig bag and neck sleeve combination allows the guitar to be carried when it's fully assembled, or disassembled. When "Yes" is selected for the package deal, the guitar comes with the: 

  • gig bag
  • gig bag neck sleeve
  • gig bag rain cover
  • capo
  • guitar strap

When "No" is selected for the Package Deal option, the guitar does not come with any accessories. Orders ship within three business days of being ordered. Lefty guitars can take up to two weeks to ship. 

      Package Deal (Includes all accessories)
      Carbon Fiber Stiffening Rods

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      Carbon fiber. Impervious to temperature and humidity. Collapsible at the neck. Full size and full sound. It will last a lifetime.