F-Series Electric Neck - Upgrade your Fender® with Carbon Fiber
F-Series Electric Neck - Upgrade your Fender® with Carbon Fiber
F-Series Electric Neck - Upgrade your Fender® with Carbon Fiber
F-Series Electric Neck - Upgrade your Fender® with Carbon Fiber
F-Series Electric Neck - Upgrade your Fender® with Carbon Fiber
F-Series Electric Neck - Upgrade your Fender® with Carbon Fiber
F-Series Electric Neck - Upgrade your Fender® with Carbon Fiber
F-Series Electric Neck - Upgrade your Fender® with Carbon Fiber
F-Series Electric Neck - Upgrade your Fender® with Carbon Fiber
F-Series Electric Neck - Upgrade your Fender® with Carbon Fiber
F-Series Electric Neck - Upgrade your Fender® with Carbon Fiber
F-Series Electric Neck - Upgrade your Fender® with Carbon Fiber
F-Series Electric Neck - Upgrade your Fender® with Carbon Fiber

F-Series Electric Neck - Upgrade your Fender® with Carbon Fiber

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Upgrade your STRATOCASTER®, TELECASTER® and JAZZMASTER® guitar to have a carbon fiber neck.

Blend tradition with innovation. This upgraded carbon fiber neck will fit most STRATOCASTERS® and TELECASTERS®, and several other models (25.5" scale length is the requirement). It features 22 frets, a 9.5" radius, a modern C shape, and stainless steel jumbo frets. 

Just the carbon fiber neck alone will retail for $799 MSRP. We are offering a special price of $499 for customers who pre-order through our Kickstarter campaign. Customers who pre-ordered will have a roughly 3 month lead time before receiving their neck. Minor design details are still subject to change.

Please confirm your Fender® Guitar's heel shape before placing your order!

This package includes:

  • 1 carbon fiber neck
  • 4 screws
  • KLOS Guitars machine heads

Note: KLOS Guitars is only selling the carbon fiber neck and pickguard. Fender® copyrighted material is being used to illustrate use case and application. 

Add Carbon Fiber Pickguard
  • Standard orders ship within 1-2 business days.

  • Customized orders can add up to two weeks lead time. Contact info@klosguitars.com for more info.

  • We do not include import taxes with our shipping rates.

  • International customers are responsible for import taxes and customs fees.

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Featured Highlights

  • Neck Profile
    Modern C
  • Color
  • Fret Material
    Stainless Steel
  • Fret Size
    Medium Jumbo
  • Headstock Shape
    KLOS F-Series
  • Machine Heads
    KLOS Locking / Regular
  • Truss Rod
  • Truss Rod Nut
    3/16" Hex
  • Number of frets
  • Number of frets (clear)


  • Neck Material
    Carbon Fiber Composite
  • Nut Material
    Graphtech TUSQ
  • Fingerboard Material
  • Finish
  • Inlays
    White Dot


  • Scale Length
  • Neck Width at Nut
    1.635" (41.5 mm)
  • Neck width at body
    2.18" (55.35mm)
  • Fingerboard Width at Nut
    1.635" (41.5 mm)
  • Fingerboard Width at 12th Fret
    2.18" (55.35mm)
  • Neck Thickness 1st Fret
    0.8" (20.32mm)
  • Neck Thickness 12th Fret
    0.86" (21.844 mm)
  • Fingerboard Width at 18th Fret
    1" (25.4 mm)
  • Headstock angle
  • Headstock thickness
    0.6" (15.24mm)
  • Peg Hole Diameter
    0.3" (7.62 mm)
  • Nut Width
    35 mm (1.378")
  • Fingerboard Radius
    Strat Heel/Strat Fretboard: 9.5"
    Strat Heel/Tele Fretboard: 12"
    Tele Heel/Strat Fretboard: 9.5"
    Tele Heel/Tele Fretboard: 12"

Why a Carbon Fiber Neck Will Last Forever

Stunning Sound

Deep lows and cutting highs. Hear Carbon Fiber's resonance for yourself

Raise your expectations

No bowing, warping or dead frets. Carbon fiber is the next big thing.
Click the dots for more info

  • 22 Frets

    Both the stratocaster and telecaster carbon fiber neck will feature 22 frets. As far as fit is concerned, the important measurement to preserve is the 25.5" scale length. If your wooden neck has 21 frets, you'll get an extra fret with the upgrade.

  • 9.5" or 12" Radius

    We're preserving the comfortable and familiar 9.5” radius. We are also giving customers the option for a 12" radius, if that's their preference.

  • Modern C Shape

    Preserving the most common stratocaster and telecaster neck shape, the “Modern C”-shaped neck profile is comfortable for almost any playing style.

  • Angled Headstock

    Ergonomic and sleek. We designed our headstock for the carbon fiber neck upgrade with hundreds of customers' input. Pulling from tradition and inspired by innovation, we’re extremely excited for you to see this carbon fiber beauty in person.

Will it fit my current guitar?

This neck is designed to fit most Fender Guitar bodies, this includes Stratocaster, Telecaster, Jazzmaster, Mustang, and most Squire bodies. The scale length will be the same, 25.5”, and the carbon fiber heel will fit into your neck pocket as well as your original neck does. The heel on the neck will be slightly different for each model, but that will be cut accurately by us on our CNC. The rest of the neck is the same for all models.  

If the new upgraded carbon fiber neck does not fit with your guitar because of an unforeseen irregularity, you’ll be able to return it for a full refund assuming it’s not damaged in any way.


At Home - The installation process consists of several simple steps which will be provided upon receipt of your carbon fiber neck. First you take off your wooden neck by loosening the strings and then unscrewing the bolts. Then you’ll place the upgraded carbon fiber neck in the neck pocket to make sure that it fits. You’ll be provided with a drill bit that will have a locked depth so that you can create four holes in the carbon fiber neck to fit perfectly with your guitar. You’ll receive 4 screws to attach the carbon neck to your guitar body. 

At KLOS Guitars with setup (Recommended) - You can choose the option to ship your guitar body to us and we’ll be able to install the neck for you. You won’t need to ship the neck.  We’ll do a full set up with new strings to make sure the playability, action, and set up of your instrument is perfect. Because each wooden body might be a little different it is recommended to choose this option. The $100 price includes a shipping label that we’ll email you to ship your guitar body from you (contiguous USA only) to KLOS Guitars.

Modular Neck Plate

Because there is slight variance in wooden instruments, the holes in the heel of the carbon fiber neck will not be pre-drilled. The neck heel will have a composite neck plate installed that will allow a drill bit and screws to easily sit securely once your neck is installed on your guitar body. This method will ensure each upgraded neck results in a complete guitar with perfect intonation and improved durability.

Carbon Fiber Pickguard

Our pickguard upgrade will replace your current pickguard precisely, leaving you with a more innovative, reinforced, and durable guitar. Stratocaster models will feature a stratocaster pickguard, while telecaster models will feature a telecaster pickguard. The pickguards will have Fender shapes, with only the knob, pickup and switches will change. Exact specifications will be obtained once an order is placed.

Concept art of carbon fiber pickguards to fit fender instruments

Neck Features

Close up of a TUSQ nut on a KLŌS Apollo Electric


TUSQ delivers a rich tone: crystal clear and a bell-like high end with big open lows, coupled with a significant increase in harmonic content and harmonic sustain. More harmonics means more richness and character in your tone. The nut width will be the standard 1 11/16" (43mm).

Close up of dot inlays on a KLŌS f-series neck

White Side Dots and Inlays

Clearly visible notation with a stunning black and white contrast, these classically styled inlays will remind you of the past as you look toward the future.

Close up of stainless steel frets on a KLŌS electric neck

Stainless Steel Frets

Comes with jumbo stainless steel frets that last just about forever. No more need for replacing frets or worrying that they will wear out. The necks will only ship with medium jumbo frets.

KLŌS Guitars Tuners

Designed by KLŌS Guitars, our tuners paired with the stability of the carbon fiber neck and composite fretboard will keep your instrument in-tune longer than any wooden instrument you've ever played.

The neck ugrades will launch with chrome tuners. Black tuners will be arriving in the future. We'll send black tuners to customers upon request.

Composite Fretboard

A composite fretboard emulates ebony wood. Its density will provide more sustain and an improved tone.

Close up of the frets on an F-series neck
Comes in Lefty

Lefty necks will be in the "Hendrix Style." Cosmetically, the fingerboard, side inlays, and logo will be swapped to be in the correct orientation for a lefty neck.

Truss Rod

Brilliantly designed, the truss rod is very easily accessible. The entire carbon neck was designed around the truss rod being embedded inside of it. Though the neck is very stiff because of its material, the truss rod is simply there to adjust the relief for any preferred setup. Once set, you can rest easy knowing it won’t move. 

Close up of the truss rod on the f-series neck
A KLŌS luthier assembles a KLŌS Travel Guitar


Crafted with care

Musicians know what musicians want. As players ourselves, we know the difference between a guitar that you'll forget and one you can't get out of your mind.


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