10 Reasons to Consider a Carbon Fiber Ukulele

10 Reasons to Consider a Carbon Fiber Ukulele

After a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2020, the KLOS Carbon Fiber Tenor Ukulele hit the market. Now, it's being played all over the world by beginners and experts alike. 

The pictures in this article come via Bernadette Teaches Music.

1. Durability

Carbon fiber is an awesome material for just about anything that benefits from increased strength and durability - and that definitely includes ukuleles. Compared to the wood used in most acoustic guitars, carbon fiber is many times more durable. We have run our carbon fiber ukulele over with a car and it survived! Try that with a wood ukulele.

2. Innovation

Carbon fiber ukuleles possess a combination of characteristics that are impossible to recreate with wood. Instrument makers of the past would have probably looked to utilize alternative materials like carbon fiber if they were available at the time.


3. Looks

Carbon fiber ukuleles possess a unique and refined look. The black and white fibers spin a sense of luxury, while a smooth gloss solidifies carbon fiber as premium. The KLOS ukulele also features a more durable minimalistic headstock; perfectly weaving form and function. 


4. Confidence

Whether you are a touring musician or just going on vacation to a tropical resort, the KLOS carbon fiber ukulele is ready for anything. From trunks and suitcases to overhead compartments, your carbon fiber ukulele is always on hand and ready for action when it's time to make music.

5. Comfort

A one-piece body and neck construction creates a seamless, comfortable feel. The body to neck transition is smooth and beveled. The heel of the neck does not go down to the base of the body but rather stops an inch short, which provides a more comfortable hand position and better access for playing on the higher frets.



6. Sound

If you've never played a carbon fiber ukulele before, you may be concerned that the sound would leave something to be desired. I'm happy to tell you that the KLOS carbon fiber ukulele has an amazing sound. Sound is subjective so take a minute to listen to some examples.

7. Identity

Half the fun of buying a new instrument is the reaction of your friends and bandmates. Show up to the next ukulele meet up with a carbon fiber ukulele and you will definitely draw some looks and conversation. In my own life, countless times people will see me playing my KLOS carbon fiber ukulele and they stop what they're doing to chat. If the beautiful, utilitarian weave of black carbon fiber appeals to you, maybe a carbon fiber ukulele is for you!

8. Pricepoint

The price point of high-quality instruments can vary anywhere from a few hundred dollars to many thousand. The KLOS carbon fiber ukulele is a value-oriented product. This concert quality ukulele is an instrument that can be shared with players of all skill levels including complete novices, children, and the elderly. This is the type of instrument that you can integrate into your lifestyle without fear of damaging it.

9. Consistency

As a company, KLOS Guitars represents consistency and reliability. Elements of our carbon fiber ukulele production process are performed with high accuracy CNC machines while other elements of our process are done by hand by trained artisan luthiers. Combining our manufacturing process with the consistency of our materials, carbon fiber ukuleles represent a level of quality that cannot be found in other instruments.

10. Community

When you buy a KLOS carbon fiber ukulele, you are buying into a welcoming family of ukulele and guitar players. Post to Instagram or Facebook and our community of friendly artists and ambassadors will be quick to engage. Share a recording of new songs that you're learning or that picture of your awesome new carbon fiber ukulele at the top of a mountain. You know that we're going to repost to story, like, and drop a comment to show you love with support in return.

Carbon fiber ukuleles make for an awesome option for a wide variety of ukulele players. The KLOS carbon fiber ukulele offers an amazing combination of value, durability, innovative design, and amazing sound.