Playing my KLOS in the Heart of Tokyo

Playing my KLOS in the Heart of Tokyo

Playing my KLOS in the Heart of Tokyo

Yosh Takeuchi is a wonderful KLOS customer from Japan. In this post, he shares his heartwarming story about his dog, guitars, and living in Tokyo.

I used to go to the beach or go camping every weekend with my family and my dog. We'd always take a travel guitar along. Those were the days. My whole life revolved around my dog named "Elle." She was a lovable retriever. I couldn't imagine living without my dog and music! The destination never mattered. I was happy just to be with my dog and guitar. 

Unfortunately, Elle got cancer, but I met a nice vet who helped my dog live life to her fullest. Thanks to the vet, she survived for five and a half years. To my family and friends, she was a miracle dog! During this time, my mind was too busy focusing on Elle's cancer treatment to really think about the guitar. I just wanted to be with Elle and have the time of my life.

When Elle passed away, I suffered heavily from pet loss and became more of an indoor person. Luckily, I’ve since changed my outlook on my life and found something to keep me enjoying each day.

I live right in the middle of Tokyo. Check out the skyline! Our skyscrapers are taller than those of any other cities in Japan. It is central, but also quiet. You might not believe it, but there is a lot of greenery, flowers, birds, and butterflies here. How wonderful it would be to enjoy a great view of Tokyo from the rooftop of a high-rise apartment, playing my KLOS Travel Guitar on a sunny day! 

Sometimes I invite my friends to so-called “rooftop sessions”  and enjoy the music together. Thanks to KLOS Travel Guitar, I can have the joy of playing under the sky again and spending time with my music companions. My KLOS guitar to calls me, "Hey, it’s a great day. Don’t miss out. I’m ready to go!" Though I have no dogs in my life now, I have a new buddy called "KLOS".

It is difficult to maintain wooden guitars here in Japan. Our summers are hot and humid, while our winters are very dry. The solution, I found, was carbon fiber guitars! They are sturdy and temperature/humidity resistant. No need to worry about them.

While I've had various carbon fiber guitars, I am sure that KLOS guitar is the best.

My instrument is ultra‐lightweight and extremely small, even though it comes with a 24 3/4” scale. I can always carry KLOS guitar with me, feeling free to play anytime, anywhere. My KLOS travel guitar is not only for the great outdoors, as it performs just as well in the city. I can use my KLOS guitar to take the subway, get on the bus, ride a bicycle, take a walk, etc.

KLOS guitars are really amazing in terms of managing both portability and playability, as well as great sound. The neck is comfy, and you can feel a nice weight balance of neck and body. The biggest surprise was a great value for the affordable price!

Highly recommended.