The Best Travel Guitar for Boating

The Best Travel Guitar for Boating


Customer Bill Lawrence loves his KLOS guitar, using it to travel all over the country. Until he had our travel guitar, moisture tended to ruin his instruments. Read why he takes it everywhere and if you're interested in more about why KLOS Guitars are the best instruments for harsh environments check out The Best Gift for Beach Lovers and Boaters.

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This article was updated on 7/31/2020.

Bill Lawrence: "When I travel there are two key things I want to have with me; my girl and my guitar. My lovely wife and I love to travel, whether it's a quick weekend away in the woods or a long stay on a remote beach. We met through music, and music is a key part of our lives still. One constant in our destinations is water.  Whether it's the ocean, a remote waterfall, or anything in between, they all go best with music. One of our annual getaways is a long weekend on a large houseboat on Lake Cumberland, KY. Lots of sun, fun, friends, and water. I wouldn't dream of making the trip without an instrument. Water and sun are not a great environment for acoustic guitars, until now. Over the years I've killed a few travel guitars and sold a few others because they just didn't sound decent, or were not fun to play.

Finding the KLOS Travel Guitar alleviated all those issues. I can play it in in the cool air-conditioned comfort of the Lounge, or in the hot August sun on the upper deck just as easily. 

There is never a worry stowing it in the back of the SUV with the rest of the gear, or an overhead bin on an International Flight. This little carbon fiber guitar has taken hard rains, high humidity, bow spray, and radical shifts in temperature with nothing more than an occasional re-tuning. It's been a dream to take it ANYWHERE I want without worrying about damage, warp, or intonation issues. Having all that in a compact, full-scale instrument that is a joy to play (even fingerstyle) AND a tone that makes people say "Wow, is that really coming from a travel guitar??" Well, that just seems almost unfair :). The advertisements for the KLŌS carbon fiber travel guitar truly seemed too good to be true- until it arrived and I got to play it. There is not a thing I would change about this instrument, as it meets every mark.

Having been a guitar player for 40+ years I'm rarely surprised. This purchase was a true delight and exceeded my already high expectations. KLOS Travel Guitars ROCK! (Or whatever else you choose to make them do! 😀)"

If you have a love for boating like Bill, maybe the KLOS Carbon Fiber Travel Guitar is just the instrument for you! We also make the best ukuleles on the planet.