Full Carbon Full Size Guitar
Full Carbon Full Size Guitar
Full Carbon Full Size Guitar
Full Carbon Full Size Guitar
Full Carbon Full Size Guitar
Full Carbon Full Size Guitar
Full Carbon Full Size Guitar
Full Carbon Full Size Guitar

Full Carbon Series

Full Carbon Full Size Guitar

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The KLOS acoustic and acoustic-electric full size guitars are durable, lightweight, and sound incredible. We use a body that's on the smaller end of the dreadnought size range to provide a familiar and portable guitar that feels amazing in your hands.



Our Full Carbon Series guitars feature a detachable carbon fiber neck cast in durable epoxy and features a fully composite fretboard. These components ensure exceptional resilience against changes in humidity and weather. Since the neck and body are both carbon fiber, the resonance and tone of the guitar benefit from the similar vibrational mechanics to give you an astounding playing experience every time you pick up the guitar. 


All Full Carbon series guitars include:

  • Your KLOS Full Carbon guitar
  • Screwdriver for removing the neck
  • Hex wrench to adjust the truss rod
  • Upgraded Graph Tech TUSQ nut and saddle 
  • Upgraded Graph Tech Ratio Tuned Machine Heads 

Acoustic-Electric model includes Fishman Sonitone pickup

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    Body Style: Dreadnought

    Body Material: Carbon Fiber Composite

    Body/Top Color: Black

    Body Purfling: Plain Carbon Fiber

    Body/Top Finish: Gloss, Semi Gloss

    Body Length: 19.5”

    Body Width: 15”

    Body Depth Rear: 4.3”

    Body Bracing: None

    Sound Board Bracing: Spruce

    Sound Hole Diameter: 3.75”

    Machine Heads: Graphtech Ratio Tuners

    Machine Head Material: Black Steel

    Headstock Shape: Minimalistic Headstock Size

    Neck Color: Black

    Neck Material: Carbon Fiber

    Neck Finish: Gloss Lacquer

    Number of Frets Clear: 14

    Scale Length: 24 3/4”

    Fingerboard Material: Composite Ebony

    Number of Frets: 19

    Fingerboard Width at Nut: 1 11/16”

    Fingerboard Width at 12th Fret: 2 1/16”

    Fingerboard Width at 18th Fret: 2 3/16”

    Fingerboard Radius: 12 1/2”

    Fingerboard Style: Traditional Acoustic

    Type of Neck Join: Detachable Electric Guitar Style

    Neck Cross Section Shape: Standard Flat Oval

    Truss Rod: Steel w/ 4mm Hex Wrench

    Bridge Pins Material: Black Composite

    Bridge Material: Composite Ebony

    Bridge Style: Traditional Acoustic

    Bridge String Spacing: 2 1/8”

    Saddle Radius: 12 1/2“

    Strap Pin Buttons: Black Aluminum

    Strings: D’Addario XT's

    String Gauges: 12 Gauge Light (.012” - .053”)

    Left Handed Availability: Yes

    Pick guard: None

    Guitar Weight: 3lb 15oz (1786 g)

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    Take Your Guitar Anywhere


    Weather Proof, Damage Proof

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    Tracy H.
    United States

    There's something about this guitar...

    There's something different about the sound of this guitar. I wasn't expecting it to sound as nice as a high quality guitar built from choice tone woods, and maybe it doesn't. It's really a matter of opinion I suppose, but at first I wasn't impressed much by the tonal quality, but after playing it for several minutes it started growing on me. It has a really unique rich sound that is different from a wood guitar, but really beautiful in its own right. I have several good to excellent quality wood guitars and they all sound different; they all have different personalities. And they all grew on me, just like this one. Certainly if you opt for the onboard electronics package you could make this guitar sound at least as good as any other acoustic with a high quality pick-up and effects, but I wanted something to take camping, or to the beach, so nowhere to plug in there. So enough about the guitar itself except to say that it has a great neck, is perfectly set up out of the box, easy to remove/reinstall the neck for traveling, has great action, sounds great, and is a blast to play. Let me tell you about the service. It's great also! The customer service at KLOS treated me like I was their single most important customer. And shipping speed; from placing the order to receiving my instrument with a custom engraving add-on (which adds more time) was about two weeks; much less than I was expecting considering the website claims that adding options (such as the engraving) can add between 1-2 weeks to delivery time. So to sum up, great sounding, high quality, fun to play, great customer service all from a guitar that you can breakdown, pack in a travel bag and set back up again in under 20 minutes at a price comparable to any high quality instrument of this caliber that is not affected by temperature and humidity changes. All this from a company that builds its instruments right here in the USA! I'm hooked!

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    Keith L.
    United States United States

    Loving the KLOS as a full time "Daily Driver"

    Sorry this is a bit long. I picked my Klos up in August 2021 but have delayed the review until now because I wanted time to form a complete opinion. I live in Colorado. I have had problems with 2 guitars caused by dry humidity. When I decided it was time to get something new I decided to try a Carbon Fiber and found KLOS. I ordered a full size full carbon fiber model in June of 2021. During the wait, I went to Las Vegas to visit family. I sent an email asking them to call me before shipping in case it was done before I got home. KLOS called and said it was ready to ship just before I was getting ready to drive from Las Vegas to Salt Lake City. So I was able to drop by their shop in Provo, UT and pick up the guitar in person. (Picking it up in person turned out to be a good idea because they had forgotten to cut the "soundport" hole. BUT luckily they they fixed that in about 15 minutes. Thanks guys!) Opinion: This guitar sounds as good or even better than my Breedlove Stage Concert. The playability is definitely better. For example: I can hear hammer ons/offs much more clearly/distinctly. Plus some chord embellishments just seem to be cleaner sounding. Overall the Sound "tone" of this guitar IS different than wood. But I can not say "better" or "worse". I can say "cleaner" and "more consistent". I can also say I think it is like almost a crossover between an acoustic and an electric. If that makes sense. I am currently having a LOT of fun with the KLOS and I would highly recommend this guitar. In fact I haven’t pulled my Breedlove Stage Concert recently. Tuning the KLOS is very quick because in truth it just mostly stays in tune. I still tweak it.. but it is 95% in tune each day without touching it. When I say playability is better… I need to explain that because the sound is more distinct this guitar kind of forces you to play a little more cleanly. Which is not a bad thing. In my opinion you can hear every nuance of what you play so you can’t just hide a bad habit by being sloppy or louder; you need dig and and clean it up. Although I do wonder if that is partly because of the side sound port. But I don’t think so because the things I'm saying are true even when amplified. TONEWOODAMP: I wasn't sure how the KLOS would work with a ToneWoodAmp. In theory people said it should be okay. But I had not actually read any reviews with first hand experiences with a KLOS. So I now present first hand experience: the KLOS totally rocks the ToneWoodAmp. It turns out the KLOS almost seems like it specially designed for the ToneWoodAmp. When I don’t use the TONEWOODAMP I use a Boss VE-8 pedal into an acoustic amp. And that also sounds very good. In fact I'm playing amplified more often now than I ever have before. SUMMATION: I highly recommend KLOS. I am starting to learn finger style playing and I think the KLOS will be perfect in my efforts.

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    Marcel V.
    Switzerland Switzerland


    Beautiful, own sound with long sustain. Lies well in the hand and is beautifully finished. Keeps the tuning very well! Worth every penny.

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    A KLŌS Guitars Customer
    Michael C.
    United States United States

    This guitar has changed my life - for the better!

    I’m a passionate guitar player. I could play guitar all day, everyday. I’m also very active and have lots of interests. My Klos guitar literally comes with me everywhere I go – including on hikes, camping, gardening, my daily commute, business trips, around the campfire, and everywhere else. It’s great to be able to bring my Klos guitar with me and not have to worry about temperature and humidity. This guitar stands up to the elements. But it’s more than just a “travel guitar.” This guitar really sounds and plays great. I love it and never it’s always close at hand!

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    Robert S.
    United States United States

    Hybrid Full Size Acoustic Guitar

    Excellent Instruments and service. The guitar is so versatile and breaks down for traveling, camping, etc… American Made!

    • What will you be using your KLŌS Instrument for? Travel / AdventureAt home use
    Laurent A.
    Canada Canada

    My new Hybrid Travel Guitar : I love it !

    Great guitar ! Sounds surprisingly very good, straight up or amplified. Does play as smooth and easy like butter as advertised. Will be a great travel companion. Laurent

    • What will you be using your KLŌS Instrument for? Travel / AdventureAt home usePerformances