Best Carbon Fiber Ukulele Reviews in 2022

Best Carbon Fiber Ukulele Reviews in 2022

Best Carbon Fiber Ukulele

Due to the ease of playing the ukulele, the tendency of people to play it is increasing. That’s why manufacturers are bringing different material-made ukuleles to the market. Although most are made of wood, there are many other ingredients-made ukuleles these days, and carbon fiber is one of them. Today we will review the best carbon fiber ukulele.

Since the carbon fiber ukulele is still a bit new, it becomes a little tough to choose the right sounding uke. So this article is for you to pick the right one according to your needs.

Now look at our list of the carbon fiber ukulele and decide which one is suitable for you.

    The 7 Best Carbon Fiber Ukuleles For Beginners


    You have a plan to travel. So, you require a carbon fiber concert ukulele. There is an Enya Nova Ukulele to meet your need.

    This uke comes with the carbon fiber composite polycarbonate, durable and waterproof. Also, it has an eye-popping design that makes it more attractive. Due to its construction structure, you can clean it effortlessly.

    This Enya carbon fiber ukulele features a simple structure and accurate inner design to deliver a bright sound compared to wooden ukes. The brand has designed the soundhole in the way, confirming better self-resonance while playing.

    You can use it as your travel partner because it can ignore temperature and humidity. It has a thin body with an arched back, radius fretboard, and cutaway.

    This model also includes some accessories. It is fitting enough for any level of player with beginners. Hopefully, this Enya nova ukulele review has aided in knowing about this product.


    • Simple maintenance
    • Water-resistant
    • Lightweight with durable construction
    • Accessories included


    • Not consistent with strings containing
      metallic composite

    2. LAVA U Carbon Fiber Ukulele

    Popular carbon ukulele

    If you find a high-quality travel ukulele, the LAVA carbon fiber ukulele can be a premium option for you. It is available in different colors with a captivating design. Of course, you will enjoy it.

    LAVA uses a new process so that the structure can increase by itself. It contains up to 142 units of bionic formation because of using mechanical stimulation and algorithms. Also, it can enrich the instrument bass and drive the soundboard in a more organized way.

    This LAVA U consists of the carbon fiber composited AirSonic that allows you to take it anywhere. Moreover, your one finger is enough to alter the sound for its FreeBoost technology. It has an internal mic for receiving both a more natural sound and percussive playing.

    This model holds a refined fretboard, CNC machined with a comfortable curve. There is a built-in ultra-stiff carbon fiber rod on the inside of the neck, helping it enhance stability and sound. Furthermore, it brings a space case designed for LAVA U.


    • Dexterous craftsmanship
    • Combination of elegant and simplicity
    • Construction with special material
    • Enjoyable playing feel


    • A bit expensive for many

    3. Rosen Carbon Fiber Concert Ukulele


    Rosen Carbon Fiber Ukulele is an instrument crafted from innovative technology. It functions well and gives you a marvelous experience while playing. So, you can pick it as your travel companion.

    Rosen constructs it as an integrated molding, an arched back, radius fretboard, and cutaway body. You will not find hard edges, but rather it is smooth and well-rounded. Moreover, it is thin and simple to carry.

    This concert-size uke keeps a side-hole to ensure excellent self-resonance and its arched back design aids in improving sound. Carbon fiber remains static in temperature change. Therefore, it delivers more enriched and stable sound than wooden ones.

    This lightweight makes your playing easy and comfortable. It has no fret marker. So, you can mark it as you wish to do. This uke includes all necessary accessories that meet your needs alongside reducing your cost.


    • Comfortable to hold
    • Available in various colors
    • A brighter and clear sound
    • Reasonable price


    • No fret markings

    4. Moreup Glowing Carbon Fiber Hawaiian Uke


    The MOREUP Glowing Ukulele glows with rhythm and makes the environment light. The exceptional feature is that it has 5 LED light modes, and the light becomes changed and flashes while playing.

    This Glowing Ukulele consists of Polycarbonate fabricated from carbon fiber composite. This structure type is simple to clean, naturally waterproof, and free from deformation or humidity issues. Its best carbon strings assure a clear and bright sound, okay.

    You can think that a particular power system requires to enjoy full benefits. Don’t worry. This brand includes a built-in rechargeable certified lithium battery, lasting for 5-6 hours in full charge. In addition to these, you will get a USB cable to charge effortlessly.

    This Hawaiian Uke brings a bag to safely pack and an easy-to-use clip-on tuner to keep your instrument in tune. Most importantly, kids, beginners, and all level players can use this excellent sound and beautiful-looking uke. So, you can also try to go with it.


    • Creative light design
    • Well-made and sturdy
    • Decent sound and tone
    • Suitable for all levels


    • Complaint against staying in tune

    5. KLOS Black Carbon Fiber Acoustic Ukulele

    Top carbon fiber ukulele

    Those who travel with musical instruments but are afraid to take a wooden one can opt for this KLOS Black Carbon Fiber Acoustic Ukulele. The reason is that this model can withstand abrasion and hit.

    This carbon fiber built uke will not rupture with age like wood instruments. It features a high strength-to-weight ratio, toughness, and resistance to temperature and humidity changes. Overall, it performs well.

    This Acoustic Ukulele provides such a sound that people explain it as very loud, enriched, and resonant with a balanced tone. Many like to compare it positively to acoustic ukuleles, including top wood and carbon fiber brands.

    Designed and assembled in the USA, this KLOS ukulele needs low maintenance and is portable to any place. Furthermore, the Package deal offers a KLŌS gig bag for protection, a comfortable ukulele strap, and a rain cover.


    • Robust build and eye-catching design
    • Easy action and playable
    • A balanced sound and melody
    • Fit for backpacking


    • Could be too small for players with large hands 

    6. Carbon Fiber Hawaii Ukulele



    Are you looking for a traditional small body with a short-scale length ukulele for your shorthands? Well, you can take it. It has a smaller space between frets. That means small-handed players need to extend their hands less. As a result, their playing will get easy and more enjoyable.

    With a high gloss finish, this professional uke comprises a carbon fiber body that produces a clear, crisp, and harmonious sound. The smooth fret wires protect your fingers from any harm. The hardwood fingerboard with 18 frets can create various melodies for a song.

    This mini ukulele contains a seamless neck joint and curved back, making it a cozy instrument and giving a lovely response to chords. The bent on the back is helpful for a superb volume and the increase of resonance.

    The biggest thing is that children or adults, novices or professionals can start learning to play with it. Top of all, small-handed players will enjoy it very much, no doubt.


    • Sustainable and exquisite craftsmanship
    • Comfy to hold
    • Pleasant for little fingers
    • No buzzing sound


    • Uncomfortable for big hand players

    7. Donner Carbon Fiber Concert Ukulele


    Donner is always committed to manufacturing innovative, high-quality, and affordable musical instruments. This Carbon Fiber ukulele from Donner is not exceptional of it. So, you can assort this product with confidence and belief, sure.

    The company has designed this instrument in a new way. Consequently, it has good string tensions to defend the bridge from coming out of the body. Also, its carbon fiber body structure guarantees the rigidity of the uke.

    The main feature of this carbon fiber uke is that it is free from water or moisture absorption. Besides, it does not become damaged effortlessly by external forces. It can adapt to various temperatures and humidity.

    This Travel Starter Uke makes the soundhole on the side. It creates a good resonance effect, alongside helping the sound be heard more clearly and become enjoyable in a great melody. It comes with a gig bag to carry at ease while traveling.


    • One Piece Carbon Fiber Design
    • Solid construction
    • Portable for travel
    • Waterproof and easy maintenance


    • Some say that it has a buzzing sound

    Carbon Fiber Vs Wood Ukulele

    Most ukuleles consist of wood, but now many uke experts are talking about carbon fiber ukes. Carbon fiber ukes have excellent properties, no doubt, but there’re some distinct differences from wood ukuleles. So, you should learn about those before if you want to get started playing.

    This piece will be somewhat helpful to know the benefits of playing carbon uke compared to wooden ones, sure.


    It is funny that two instruments’ sounds will never be exactly the same, right. Most people have heard about wood-made ukes.

    The sound tends to be subjective, but the carbon fiber offers a bright, projecting, and medium-full sound. Carbon fiber does not have a seasonal effect. So its sound stays the same all the time.

    On the other hand, the season affects the wood. Therefore, the sound of wood ukes might change in various seasons.


    It can become difficult for you to explore a uke that has the right amount of durability and will sound excellent.

    If a carbon fiber ukulele becomes got wet in water, it will not be damaged. Also, a novice player can play it roughly without being afraid of damage. It is possible to disinfect with sanitizing wipe before playing.

    But, never attempt to do it with wooden ukes because most of them are dissoluble by alcohol or water.


    Carbon fiber keeps a firm contribution to designing a more optimized instrument due to its strength and durability. The firmness of carbon fiber lets the body/neck joint of the uke be too low profile. A two-piece body construction without bracing is very stiff and reduces weight despite resonant.

    Carbon fiber ukes might become a superb option if anyone searches for an alternative of using a low G string.

    Final Note, Best Carbon Fiber Ukulele

    Carbon fiber ukes own a similar great sound to wood ukes like your expectation and allow you to enjoy extra benefits too. From apprentice to backpackers, everyone can pick the best carbon fiber ukulele to use as both indoor and outdoor ukuleles.