Who Makes the Best Guitar Cable? (KLOS Silent Cable Competition)

Who Makes the Best Guitar Cable? (KLOS Silent Cable Competition)

Musicians love to geek out about gear. With so many different options on the market, it's easy to wonder what distinguishes one guitar cable from another. KLOS Guitars have just launched the Silent Cable and we believe it's the best guitar cable!

Today we are going to look at all the top competition of the KLOS Silent Cable to figure out who makes the best guitar cable and what you need to look for when shopping.

KLOS Guitars Silent Cable

The KLOS Guitars Silent Cable has some awesome features that make it stand out against most competition.

  1. Silent Button on both 1/4" jack plugs to eliminate the buzz or pop when plugging in and out of your instrument or amp
  2. Oxygen-free performance grade copper core
  3. Affordable price
  4. Available in 10 or 20 ft with straight - straight connector ends, or straight - L connector ends
  5. Durable braided cable jacket

Many guitar cables will share one or more qualities with the KLOS Silent Cable, but few can claim all.

Top Instrument Cable Competition

If you're interested in guitar cables from the biggest players in the industry, look to this list. Compared to KLOS Guitars Silent Cable, many of these cables will be more expensive and won't have any 'Silent' functionality to eliminate the buzz or pop when plugging in. You also might be able to find these cables at your favorite local guitar store. Guitar cables from these brands are all time-tested and popular for good reason.

  1. Mogami Gold Guitar Cable
  2. D’Addario Planet Waves Guitar Cable
  3. Fender Deluxe Series Instrument Cable
  4. Ernie Ball Braided Guitar Cable
  5. PRS Signature Series Guitar Cable

Compared to these guitar cables, the KLOS Guitars Silent Cable is more affordable and offers a Silent Button on both 1/4" jack ends.

Other 'Silent' Cables

Instrument cables with 'Silent' functionality have been around for a long time. The Neutrik Silent Plug features a collar or sleeve design. You can find Neutrik Silent Plug ends on many different brands of guitar cables including Mogami. Most cables with Neutrik jacks only feature the Silent Plug on one end. The KLOS Silent Cable design utilizes a Silent Button with fewer moving parts for maximum durability. The ZZYZX SnapJack was an interesting "Silent" design using magnets although the product has been discontinued and is no longer in production.

  1. Neutrik Silent Plug
  2. ZZYZX SnapJack

Compared to these guitar cables, the KLOS Guitars Silent Cable is more affordable, has fewer moving parts, and is in current production.

Boutique and Custom Cable Makers

Many of the best and most interesting instrument cables are made by custom boutique makers. Cables vary greatly based on the individual maker, but some are only focused on durability, practicality, and sound quality while other makers also put a greater consideration into aesthetics. When you buy a cable from a custom maker you can get exactly the specifications you want. Beyond buying cables from these makers, some savvy DIYers will make their own cables at home.

  1. Evidence Audio Lyric Guitar Cable
  2. Tsunami Cables Instrument Cable
  3. George L’s .155 Instrument Cable

Compared to these guitar cables, the KLOS Guitars Silent Cable is more affordable, offers a Silent Button, and is widely available.

Qualities of a Great Guitar Cable

Still looking to do some more research? Now that you know who makes a really great guitar cable, make sure to check out The Best Guitar Cable to read an in-depth guide on all the qualities you need to look for in a great instrument cable.

Most of the cables on the market cost too much and don't have important features! If you need a great cable for an affordable price, the KLOS Guitars Silent Cable is hard to beat.


Ultimately, there are a lot of different options on the market when it comes to guitar cables. The right cable makes music easy and fun, and luckily you don't have to break the bank to get the KLOS Silent Cable.