The Best Guitar Cable

The Best Guitar Cable

Guitar cables are the link between guitar and amp. That’s a pretty big responsibility and it makes sense to get the best cable you possibly can. The wrong guitar cable can make a great instrument sound bad. Luckily, you don’t have to pay big to get an awesome guitar cable. Paying just a little more than the cheapest options will get you durability, audio quality, and even awesome features like Silent Cable technology. 

The KLOS Guitars Silent Cable lets you silently remove your cable from the amp or guitar without loud pops or damage to your gear.


Musicians tend to be rough on their gear. You need durable guitar cables for garage jam sessions and going on tour but you also need durability to deal with errant computer chair wheels and the non-musicians in our life that love to absentmindedly step on our guitar cables.

High-quality guitar cables feature a thick, durable jacket and sturdy reinforcement in the area where the cable meets the jack head.


Most guitar players don’t think much about features when it comes to their cable selection, but all that is beginning to change. You can unplug at any time with the KLOS Guitars Silent Cable and it will never pop or damage your instrument. The KLOS Silent Cable makes switching up your setup super easy! On stage, you’ll never have to hit the mute switch on your pedal board to change guitars. At home, you always have any amp or guitar ready to go at a moment's notice.

Audio Quality

Inquisitive guitar players have always wondered, “Do guitar cables affect my sound and tone?”. Using audio spectrum analysis, it was determined that there is very little variance in terms of audio quality across different cables. Two qualities to look for that do make a difference are ultra low capacitance and construction from oxygen free copper as seen on the KLOS Silent Guitar Cable.


Price is a huge factor in the decision-making process for buying a guitar cable. Some boutique guitar cable companies will charge north of $100 for a single guitar cable. The KLOS Silent Guitar Cable is a much better bargain starting at just $45 for 10 feet.

Silent Cable

So what is the best guitar cable? The KLOS Guitars Silent Cable combines durability, features, audio quality, and price in a way that no competition offers. The KLOS Guitars Silent Cable is available now so get yours today and save!.

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