The Perfect Travel Guitar for Vanlife?

The Perfect Travel Guitar for Vanlife?

Looking to add a travel guitar to your Hashtag Vanlife loadout? An instrument transforms a house into a home for a musician, and that's no different for Vanlife homes! Vanlife is all about freedom. The right guitar for Vanlife needs to be durable, stable, packable - among some other really big considerations.

You might be camping on the beaches of Southern California only to pick up and drive straight to the mountains to get some pow the very next week! Temperatures fluctuate massively in Vanlife living situations, and a range from -5°F to 100°F+ is typical.

Buying a wood travel guitar for your Vanlife kit is not recommended!

The KLOS Carbon Fiber Travel Guitar is the perfect instrument for Vanlife because it is compact, ultra-durable, incredibly stable, super stealthy, and affordable! Don’t believe me? The KLOS travel guitar has reached the summit of some of the tallest peaks on the planet and accompanied hikers on amazing feats of strength, determination, and will.

Let’s dive into each of these factors and see what makes the KLOS travel guitar so special! 

Size and Weight

The average Vanlife vehicle simply doesn’t have enough room for a full-sized guitar. Every inch counts and more space dedicated to an oversized guitar means less room for skis and bikes and all the other great gear we need in the van.

A major benefit of the KLOS travel acoustic is its easily removable neck. Four screws and 60 seconds of your time are all it takes to remove the neck and gain precious additional space.

In addition to saving space, you’ll also be cutting weight! Carbon fiber has a very high strength to weight ratio, which allows the KLOS carbon fiber travel acoustic guitar to be ~15% lighter than the average acoustic guitar. Now you’ll have a guitar that is perfect to bring along on any adventure when you get to the campsite.

Check out the KLOS full-sized carbon fiber guitar if your van happens to have some extra room!


Carbon fiber guitars are great for a million and one different reasons, but the reason you NEED a carbon fiber guitar for Vanlife is stability! It’s so important that I already mentioned it in the introduction, but guess what? It’s time to mention it again! Wood guitars will split and crack like crazy when subjected to Vanlife. Carbon fiber guitars will easily handle anything from extended summer humidity to dry, freezing temperatures.


KLOS carbon fiber guitars are high-quality, beautiful instruments, but they also have an inherent stealthiness. Tucked away in its gig bag, your KLOS guitar will just look like another piece of gear in your loadout. Unlike fragile wood instruments, a KLOS guitar can be stashed into any place it fits. 


Just how durable is carbon fiber? By some statistics, carbon fiber could be as much as 100x as strong as wood! What does that mean for you? An effortless and drama-free ownership experience. Who wants to deal with a damaged guitar 240 miles from the nearest town? I’d rather just own an amazing carbon fiber guitar and never worry about maintenance drama again!


The KLOS carbon fiber travel guitar starts at $639 and it’s pretty easy to understand why the instrument is an absolute bargain at the price point. Wood guitars can range anywhere from approximately $200 all the way up to many, many tens of thousands of dollars. KLOS travel guitars are by far the most affordable carbon fiber guitars available on the market (and they also sound the best).


New to the Vanlife movement or maybe you found this article because you’ve been so disappointed in your wood guitar? Either way, it’s the perfect time to step up your Vanlife guitar game to the ultimate level! 

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