Best Guitar for Military Deployments, Volunteer and Missionary Work

Best Guitar for Military Deployments, Volunteer and Missionary Work

A travel guitar adds a little bit of normalcy to a lifestyle that is defined by constant change. Are you preparing for a military deployment, volunteering abroad, or have a missionary work commitment in your future? A KLOS Carbon Fiber Travel Guitar is the perfect instrument for your next life adventure.
KLOS Carbon Fiber Travel Guitars (and ukuleles) are durable and sound great. Rain, humidity, bumps, and high or low temperatures don't phase KLOS carbon fiber instruments. Wood travel guitars can't handle the elements. Wood instruments are only made to be played and stored in controlled, safe, consistent environments.


Traveling Internationally

Music is one of the greatest gifts you can share during travel. When you might struggle with a language barrier in one context, music is a constant across any country and culture. Throw your KLOS Travel Guitar onto your back and musical opportunities will find you. Create an impromptu jam session at the bus stop or park. Having a travel guitar is a great way to embrace local culture.


Travel Guitar for Military (Army, Navy, Air Force, etc.)

I was surprised the first time I saw members of the military using KLOS travel guitars and ukuleles during deployment. Leisure time materials vary from person to person but keep in mind that all gear needs to be carryable. A travel guitar needs to be compact, durable, and lightweight, or else it won't make the cut. 


Travel Guitar for Volunteering Abroad

Volunteering abroad is one of the richest experiences possible in human life. Make the most of your time in the Peace Corps, Ameri-Corps, IVHQ, or any other volunteer program with a KLOS Carbon Fiber Travel Guitar. From providing humanitarian aid, building infrastructure, or teaching, we gain as much positivity in our own lives as we put into the people we help. Music is a critical tool for spreading positivity and love. Lead others in song or pass around your instrument to give others a voice. The KLOS Carbon Fiber Travel Guitar is durable enough that even the most novice beginner can freely experiment with making music any way they want.


Travel Guitar for Missionary Work

Some lucky missionaries get to bring along personal items, and there's nothing better than a travel guitar. If your income will be very limited for an extended period of time, wood guitars can quickly get expensive due to repairs. A durable carbon fiber instrument is essentially maintenance-free. Missionary goals vary, but the most important thing is universally to connect with others. Music is an amazing tool to open that door.



Whether you are about to take the step to serve your country, your planet, or your religion, the KLOS Carbon Fiber Travel Guitar is the ultimate tool to enhance your experience. Commit yourself to make music with others. Music is such a big part of who we are so don't leave a big part of yourself back at home. 
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