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Why Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is an infusion of the most durable fibers and the strongest resin. It is commonly seen in aerospace, automotive, and high-end sporting equipment like bicycles, hockey sticks, tennis rackets, golf clubs, and much more.

The carbon fiber on the surface of the KLOS guitar has not been post-processed, meaning it was not sanded, polished or painted. This is the way it comes out of the mold or the press. This being said, it is very common for there to be little imperfections, crease lines, or fiber distortions. But fear not, if and when you find these, it only means that you are holding an authentic carbon fiber guitar.  Applying paint on a guitar surface also damages the quality of the sound.​

Aside from making the guitar incredibly durable, carbon fiber has the added feature of giving a guitar more volume than a wooden counterpart of the same size. Check out our online reviews to read what customers say about the sound or watch some of our demos to hear the sound for yourself. 

See How Durable it really is


The KLOS travel guitar is the result of extensive research and testing in order to create the most universal guitar for your needs. The size you see above in the specs was chosen as the best size for adults who want to travel, large enough to give a great sound, small enough to fit in a backpack or a suitcase, and also small enough for smaller adults and learning children. 

Carbon fiber was chosen for its durability, strength, and resonance (read above). Mahogany necks can be found on the most superior guitars for its quality. It was also chosen as the material for our neck and the neck block because it is light, and it has a good resistance to thermal and humidity changes relative to other woods. ABS was chosen as the material for the Nut and the Saddle on the standard model because they are the contact points of the strings and they transfer the vibrations to the guitar the best. The Bridge Pins are also ABS Plastic because they are lighter. In general, the lighter the material around the bridge area the better the guitar will sound. The Scale Length and the number of frets was chosen to give a comfortable and proportional feel when playing. Every guitar purchased comes equipped with Super Light 11 Gauge Strings (.011"-.052") because they have a lower tension, they are thinner and are easier to play. We recommend you only install 11 or 12 gauge strings on this guitar.

We remove retail costs and re-engineer manufacturing to sell carbon fiber guitars at a fraction of the existing market prices. Being a more durable and lighter guitar, it can be shipped to you more conveniently and securely.

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Golfing with a Guitar

Baseball with a Guitar