Full Carbon Full Size Guitar
Full Carbon Full Size Guitar
Full Carbon Full Size Guitar
Full Carbon Full Size Guitar
Full Carbon Full Size Guitar
Full Carbon Full Size Guitar
Full Carbon Full Size Guitar
Full Carbon Full Size Guitar

Full Carbon Series

Full Carbon Full Size Guitar

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The KLOS acoustic and acoustic-electric full size guitars are durable, lightweight, and sound incredible. We use a body that's on the smaller end of the dreadnought size range to provide a familiar and portable guitar that feels amazing in your hands.



Our Full Carbon Series guitars feature a detachable carbon fiber neck cast in durable epoxy and features a fully composite fretboard. These components ensure exceptional resilience against changes in humidity and weather. Since the neck and body are both carbon fiber, the resonance and tone of the guitar benefit from the similar vibrational mechanics to give you an astounding playing experience every time you pick up the guitar. 


All Full Carbon series guitars include:

  • Your KLOS Full Carbon guitar
  • Screwdriver for removing the neck
  • Hex wrench to adjust the truss rod
  • Upgraded Graph Tech TUSQ nut and saddle 
  • Upgraded Graph Tech Ratio Tuned Machine Heads 
  • KLOS Gig Bag ($95 value!)

Acoustic-Electric model includes Fishman Sonitone pickup

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    Body Style: Dreadnought

    Body Material: Carbon Fiber Composite

    Body/Top Color: Black

    Body Purfling: Plain Carbon Fiber

    Body/Top Finish: Gloss, Semi Gloss

    Body Length: 19.5”

    Body Width: 15”

    Body Depth Rear: 4.3”

    Body Bracing: None

    Sound Board Bracing: Carbon Strips

    Sound Hole Diameter: 3.75”

    Machine Heads: Graphtech Ratio Tuners

    Machine Head Material: Black Steel

    Headstock Shape: Minimalistic Headstock Size

    Neck Color: Black

    Neck Material: Carbon Fiber

    Neck Finish: Gloss Lacquer

    Number of Frets Clear: 14

    Scale Length: 24 3/4”

    Fingerboard Material: Composite Ebony

    Number of Frets: 19

    Fingerboard Width at Nut: 1 11/16”

    Fingerboard Width at 12th Fret: 2 1/16”

    Fingerboard Width at 18th Fret: 2 3/16”

    Fingerboard Radius: 12 1/2”

    Fingerboard Style: Traditional Acoustic

    Type of Neck Join: Detachable Electric Guitar Style

    Neck Cross Section Shape: Standard Flat Oval

    Truss Rod: Steel w/ 4mm Hex Wrench

    Bridge Pins Material: Black Composite

    Bridge Material: Composite Ebony

    Bridge Style: Traditional Acoustic

    Bridge String Spacing: 2 1/8”

    Saddle Radius: 12 1/2“

    Strap Pin Buttons: Black Aluminum

    Strings: D’Addario XT's

    String Gauges: 12 Gauge Light (.012” - .053”)

    Left Handed Availability: Yes

    Pick guard: None

    Guitar Weight: 3lb 15oz (1786 g)

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    Played by KLŌS Instruments

    Hear the KLOS difference for yourself

    Ultra Portable

    Take Your Guitar Anywhere


    Weather Proof, Damage Proof

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    Greg S.
    United States


    Plays extremely well, sounds amazing, and looks awesome! The only thing that kinda bugs me is the tuning keys are to close I tend to touch the others when tuning. Other than that it’s fantastic!

    • What will you be using your KLŌS Instrument for? Performances
    M R.
    United States United States

    Excellent for travel and outdoor playing

    I'm in an arid part of the SW. I've been nervously packing my nice wood guitars around to jams and such and trying to be careful not to leave them in the car too long. I bought a full size carbon fiber/full carbon model as I plan to do some flying with it this summer and wanted something easier to get around with than my wood guitars. I have been pleasantly surprised how much I like the Klos guitar sound, and I'm using this a lot for playing outdoors even at home (no worries leaving it out on the porch for a bit and no worries about the dogs knocking it over). As well, its so nice to be able to leave it in the hot vehicle instead of having to pack it around when I am running errands in town before the evening jam sessions. The action on it is low and easy to play, mine does not feel like it needs a luthier setup (I have had setups on all of my other guitars to make them just right). Its easy to assemble and disassemble. If anything, its a bit loud and projective for my needs but that's fine because it sounds really good and I can always palm mute. A gust of wind recently caused a sprinkler to hit me while playing and it was just nothing to worry about. Its also nice in my climate to have a guitar that can just sit out without worrying about humidification. Now that the strings have had a couple of weeks to stretch its staying nicely in tune. I'd recommend these to anyone that is adventurous and wants a low maintenance, good sounding guitar that is easy to travel with.

    • What will you be using your KLŌS Instrument for? Travel / AdventureAt home usePerformances
    United States United States

    Loving this guitar

    I decided to splurge on a quality travel guitar and am just loving my KLOS! I play for fun and am not as serious as some of the posters on here, but wanted to give my 2 cents. Other than one of the screws being hard to turn, the guitar is easy to set up. It's incredibly light, yet sounds great. It's fun to play and other guitarists often stop by to ask about it because of the unique look and style. It also holds intonation remarkably well, I barely have to adjust it between sessions. I wish it had been available in a cutaway, but I understand that is in development. My two other wishlist items would be a built-in tuner (which would just make all kinds of sense for a travel guitar) and a pinless bridge (I find changing strings on a peg bridge kinda annoying, especially since I'm often playing outside in sub-optimal conditions -- but that's just me). All that said, I would have bought this guitar again, it's terrific. Thanks KLOS! Steve

    • What will you be using your KLŌS Instrument for? Travel / AdventureAt home use
    G P.
    United States United States

    Klos Travel Guitar

    So, I just received this travel guitar 3 days after I decided to sell my Martin fill sized Dreadknot DCM and my Voyage-Air golf up guitar to finance the purchase of my new Klos travel guitar. I'm not an expert guitar player but when I busk, I get lots of compliments and my tip jar is full. I'm a classic rocker with lot's of Beatles, Dead and various other bands in that era, but ai digress. I'm fortunate enough to travel a lot so portability was my #1 reason to purchase this particular travel guitar. I've been going to ****, Austria for the last 10 years to ski and found myself being invited onstage to perform apes ski and the Voyage-Air fold up guitar was my international travel instrument. However, the size of the backpack is still too big even though it folds up and is considered 'travel'. Frankly, it's still too big and although it barely fits in an overhead bin, it's still a grind to carry around. Yet, this guitar is fits into a backpack the size of a standard JanSport and is much smaller in a real airline travel guitar size. As a side note, the size of the guitar package means everything to me but I don't want a sucky sound like a Backpacker. This guitar is the Real Deal! I got the acoustic/electric so I can plug in anywhere and the sound after playing the **** out of it since I received it is nothing short of amazing and so much fun! Wait until you plug it in! Totally satisfied with the purchase, not of just the guitar quality but also the travel bad. Packs so small but punched a big sound for fingerpickers and strummers alike. Bottom Line: If you want the smallest sized travel guitar yet has a full lengthen detachable neck, this is it. It will also become your #1 couch surfing guitar and you won't put it down. The most fun guitar you will ever use. 5 Stars!

    John W.
    United States United States

    Full Size, Full Carbon

    I love my full size, full carbon Klos. I assembled it and didn't play electric for 12 days.

    • What will you be using your KLŌS Instrument for? Travel / AdventureAt home use
    United States United States

    Full Carbon Dred Guitar

    I first head/saw this guitar on youtube on a review from JP Cormier. He was blown away by it and so was i. I watched the video a bunch of times with my headphones on and i was blown away everytime by the tone. I already have a couple of rainsong guitars so i was thinking its another normal/ version of a composite guitar that i already have, since they arent wood guitars. It took me a while to order because i have so many great wood guitars, but i finally got the nerve to order one, and i dont like the size of a dreadnought guitar at all but this is very comfortable and basically an om size dreadnought which an om sized guitar is all i usually play, but when i first got it and put it together i was blown away right there immediately. The string energy and overall tone and playability is every bit as good as any guitar i already have. Thinking it would wear off after playing it a bit since it was new and i was excited, but it didnt and hasnt. I ordered it with the fishman and i could never get it to seat right as far as the strings all the same volume, so i sent it back and got the k&k installed and also got the side soundhole put in also. The guitar sounds way better to me since the saddle sits on the guitars top in the bridge instead of on top of a pickup in the slot. And I would never get one without the soundhole on the side, not for hearing it better but for the overall tone, its actually more opened up with it, big time, you can tell simply by covering it up when playing and then opening it, big difference. So in a nutshell this guitar still blows me away even after having it a few months, since it showed up i havent played the wood guitars hardly at all. If your on the fence about getting one, go for it you wont be disappointed! Very Very impressive. And the kicker is no worries after you get it set up to your liking it stays that way.

    • What will you be using your KLŌS Instrument for? At home usePerformances