What's the difference between Concert and Tenor Ukuleles?

What's the difference between Concert and Tenor Ukuleles?



"Hey all this is Katia Racine better known as Pixie from Pixie and the Partygrass Boys here at KLOS. And, I'm very excited to review the concert ukulele and the tenor ukulele for you today.

I think obviously the first thing you can notice is the size the concert is it only looks a little bit smaller, but I do feel like when you're playing, it does feel quite a bit smaller. I do think, though, that this size really contributes to the two different tones which both have great tones, I would say that the concert has what I would refer to as a sweeter softer sound a bit more on that high end, a lot of nice light chop on this guy. And then whereas the tenor you're really going to get a little bit more boom out of it, if that makes sense. I would say with the tenor over here you're really gonna get more on that low end a big rich low sound and a pretty loud chop on it. Now we're gonna do a quick sound comparison on these guys for you to hear the difference starting with the concert.

Overall I love both of these so much. I personally tour with the tenor and I am obsessed. I am a KLOS devotee. We play all over the place: on mountaintops and in 11 degrees, on rivers and in hot, hot, hot summer festivals. And this thing never goes out of tune. And having perfect intonation up the neck on a ukulele I find to be so important. With these four little strings often you're playing the same note on different frets. And I love that the KLOS is always in tune to itself. Highly recommend maybe get myself a little concert guy too, because they're so cute."


KLŌS is well known for our premium, extremely durable, Full Carbon Ukuleles. They sound amazing, have excellent intonation and are built for a lifetime of adventure. Listen as Katia Racine (PIXIE) From Pixie and the Party Grass Boys, demonstrates both instruments (Concert Uke + Tenor Uke) side by side, comparing sound, size and more. 

Mic 1: Roswell K87 mini Mic 2: Earthworks SR25 Cardioid Condenser Mic Cameras: Sony A7C 24-70mm Gmaster + Sony A7III (Kit Lens) Amplifier: Marshall AS50D Acoustic Soloist   Check Out Katia's Band "Pixie and the Partygrass Boys" 

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