The Ultimate Guide to Buying an Acoustic Travel Guitar

The Ultimate Guide to Buying an Acoustic Travel Guitar

Your love for guitar-playing should not be hindered just because you are traveling. Especially if you’re a true musician. Solution? Travel guitars. 

In this post, we look at which guitar is the best for traveling and how you can go about picking the right one.

But, first - let’s start by discussing the difference between regular versus travel guitar.

Travel Guitars vs. Regular Guitars

The first major difference is, naturally, the size. Regular guitars are, well, regular sized. And, it may not be a problem for you if you're traveling in a car that can accommodate your instrument safely. But, you cannot carry one if you’re traveling by plane or train. 

Other than worrying about handling your luggage, there’s always the possibility of accidental damage to a big guitar.

That’s why travel guitars are compact and designed to make traveling with them easier.

Why Buy a Travel Guitar?

  • Putting a pause to your guitar practice could set you back. A travel guitar allows you to practice regularly on the go. You can keep honing your skills even while you’re traveling. 

  • These are made for adventure lovers who like to explore new shades of their personalities as well as hidden skills.

  • Travel guitars are perfect for street performers who like to engage in public gigs now and then. 

  • Few companies like KLOS guitars use study materials like carbon fibre for sturdiness and durability. They are also extremely lightweight which means they are built to last a long time. These are also neck-detachable, which saves up on storage.

  • If you are someone who’s always traveling for work, rocking out in your hotel room is the surefire way to relax. You can continue with your music lessons no matter where you are.

  • Travel guitars make for excellent gifting options. Whether you’re a parent who would like to encourage their kids to participate in music, a friend, or a lover who wants to gift something meaningful to their close ones, travel guitars are perfect due to their affordability. 

  • If you’re someone who loves to travel solo and is not necessarily a musician, these guitars can be your companion for the trip. They are the perfect way to kill boredom during your free time.

  • Travel guitars are perfect for those who pack light during their travels or don’t necessarily have a lot of storage space. Because they are so easy to carry around, you won’t even realize you’re carrying a musical instrument with you. 

  • There are also no check-in hassles at the airport, which is another plus point. Also, if you will be staying in a tiny, cramped-up space, travel guitars won’t take a whole lot of your living space.

  • Remember that due to a small body and a lower volume, some travel guitars can be a bit of a turnoff. So, be prepared for that. With that said, the right one like the KLOS guitar will replicate the feel of a regular guitar as close to the real thing as possible. KLOS guitars are designed to pack everything that a traditional guitar has to offer; only in a small size. 

Things to Look for in a Travel Guitar

The first thing to consider is whether you want an electric or an acoustic travel guitar. We talk about these in detail ahead in the article. Next is, obviously, the portability factor.

Full-sized Fretboard vs Reduced Fretboard

Some guitar companies will give you a full-sized fretboard while reducing the body a little. Why? So, it feels like a normal guitar. While it will give you experience like a normal guitar, you may have to compromise a little on portability.

Then there are some with smaller fretboards so that the overall guitar size is reduced. Not only do these travel guitars play differently, they feel different too. 

Some guitarists like them, others don’t. It’s all a personal choice. Playing a ¾ sized guitar will tell you what the experience on a smaller fretboard is going to be like.


If you are going to be staying in a hotel room, you have to think about the volume. You will not want to wake up your next-door neighbor by strumming on a high-volume guitar. But, having a silent acoustic guitar with headphones will allow you to strum however you like without any volume issues.

Sound Quality vs. Portability

Travel guitars are meant only for traveling. Do not expect to give a rocking performance on the stage with these. That’s because there’s a clear compromise on the quality tone. A travel guitar can simply not compare with a regular one. Just like you cannot expect a ukulele to produce the same sound like a full-sized guitar.

Don’t be disheartened. There are many acoustic guitars that do produce a great tone. But, it’s good if you keep your expectations in check. The goal is to give you something to play on while you’re out and about. So, compromising on the sound quality for portability and convenience is a small price to pay. 

Why Buy an Acoustic Guitar?

We recommend buying an acoustic travel guitar over an electric one. That’s because acoustic guitars are self-amplifying instruments. Their body acts as a huge speaker cabinet while the body shape (which comes in different shapes and sizes) will respond differently. You can, therefore, pick one that produces the exact quality of sound you prefer.

How to Protect Your Guitar While Traveling?

Traveling will give you plenty of reasons to damage your music companion. That's why safety should be your top priority. That means, investing in a case that is super protective and can endure the worst of conditions outdoors. It should be able to take a lot of bad handling and moving around.

It’s important that you find a case that fits your guitar like a dream and can also be modified. Many companies offer cases with moldable interiors. You can shape them to match the exact contours and curves of your guitar for a rock-solid fit.


Why is KLOS Travel Guitar the best for you?


KLOS travel guitars happen to be one of the sturdiest babies you will ever find. They are made with carbon fiber; one of the toughest materials out there. 

That’s not it! These guitars come with a detachable neck. That means you can pack and unpack them with the utmost ease and take them anywhere. And, if that wasn’t enough, KLOS travel guitars are also weather resistant. You can buy KLOS guitars here.

That’s right! They can withstand humidity, moisture, and temperature changes. Unlike wood, carbon doesn't crack or warp when exposed to harsh weather elements. 

Bottom Line

As you can see, travel guitars have a lot to offer. They may not be the same as their regular-sized cousins, but they are definitely a travel companion worth exploring for any true musician.

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