Step Into the 12-String Guitar Revolution: The Best vs. The Rest

Step Into the 12-String Guitar Revolution: The Best vs. The Rest


When you're on the hunt for the ultimate 12-string guitar experience, you're not just looking for an instrument; you're seeking a companion that resonates with every strum, every note, and every piece of music you create. In the sea of choices, from Martin to Taylor, Gibson to Guild, one guitar stands apart, redefining what it means to play a 12-string: the KLOS 12-String Grand Cutaway.

Why Choose Our KLOS 12-String Grand Cutaway?

You've felt the weight of traditional 12-strings, the tug at your shoulder after hours of playing, the battle against humidity and temperature that never seems to end. It's time for a change. It's time for a guitar that understands the challenges and triumphs of a musician's journey. It's time for the KLOS 12-String Grand Cutaway.

Unmatched Playability Just for You

We know the struggle of bulky necks and high actions. That's why we designed our 12-string with you in mind. Our sleek cutaway body and innovative tuner layout ensure that every fret is within your reach, providing a playing experience so comfortable, so effortless, that you'll wonder how you ever played anything else. Our guitar is not just an instrument; it's an extension of you.

A Sound That Sets Us Apart

In a world where every note matters, the 12-String Grand Cutaway delivers a sound so clear, so rich, it stands toe-to-toe with the likes of the Taylor 652CE and the Martin J15-12. But here's where we diverge: our carbon fiber construction offers a resonance and durability unmatched by traditional wooden guitars. When you play our 12-string, you're not just heard; you're remembered.

Durability That Travels with You

From the dry deserts to the humid coasts, our 12-String is built to withstand the elements. Carbon fiber isn't just strong; it's relentless, ensuring that our guitar stays by your side, in tune and ready, no matter where your music takes you. Say goodbye to the fear of cracks and warps. With KLOS, you're ready for anything.

Join the KLOS Family

We're not just offering you a guitar; we're inviting you to be part of a revolution that's redefining the music industry. The KLOS 12-String Grand Cutaway isn't competing with Guild, Gibson, or any other; it's setting a new standard for what a 12-string should be.

Your Next Step

Imagine a guitar that's as ready for adventure as you are, a guitar that understands the musician's journey, a guitar that's not just played but felt. That's what we've created for you. Discover why the KLOS 12-String Grand Cutaway isn't just the best choice; it's the only choice for those who dare to dream big.

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