KLŌS is Making a Carbon Fiber Mandolin

KLŌS is Making a Carbon Fiber Mandolin

KLOS Carbon Fiber Mandolin

Yes, it's true. We're making a carbon fiber mandolin that's releasing later in 2023.
While KLOS Guitars already makes carbon fiber acoustics, electrics, basses and ukes, we're expanding our line into the twangy soundscape of mandolins.
If you're interested in playing a lightweight and unbelievably durable mandolin this year, fill out this Google Form to let us know! You'll stay updated as we bring the carbon fiber mandolin through full development. And, the more people that are interested, the quicker the mandolin will come out. So, be sure to tell your friends. 

The KLŌS Effect 

If you've played a KLŌS instrument before, then you already know the quality and craftsmanship imbued into every single instrument in our line-up. When you pick up one of our instruments for the first time, it feels like home right away.

That's the same care and attention we're bringing to these instruments. While our whole line-up is designed with portability in mind, this is not a travel mandolin, per-se. Instead, it's a premium mandolin that just so happens to be travel-friendly. 

Don't want to wait?

Check out our current roster of instruments, including carbon fiber travel guitars, full size guitars, carbon fiber electric guitars and basses, as well as our lightweight and portable ukuleles.
Join our community on Instagram @KLOSGuitar. Tag #KeepItKLOS to be featured! 

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