KLOS Guitars - A Shakespearean Perfection

KLOS Guitars - A Shakespearean Perfection

What does man need after a 12 hour hectic shift of seeing patients with neurological disorders? Well in my case a Travel/collapsible guitar to cater to my needs to weekend getaways. Who better to answer to my call than the carbon fiber KLOS travel guitar. Being a guitar aficionado, I had the pleasure of playing multiple guitars ranging from acoustic to travel size guitar. Hands down KLOS has provided us an AFFORDABLE luxury carbon fiber guitar. Being the first person to buy it in Germany gives me the added advantage of SWAGGER! The carbon fiber body fits perfectly into my carbon fiber merchandise.

I have been travelling a lot in my state doing various gigs. The ratio tuner makes sure to keep the strings in their designated positions. Also the KLOS Logo is now spreading like wild fire in this region here in Germany because of its practicability.

KLOS GUITARS ALL THE WAY!!! Kudos guys and keep up the good work. 

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