Instruments All Over the World - We are KLŌS Guitars

Instruments All Over the World - We are KLŌS Guitars

Why Carbon Fiber Makes A Difference

Hands down this is by far the best guitar I have ever played. KLOS knocked it out of the park. The warmth in the tone is so beautiful. Hard to ever guess it was made out of carbon fiber. RUN do not walk to order this guitar. You won't regret it.

- Hannah Stevens (Penn Health Musical Therapist)

Material Magic

When you think of carbon fiber, a couple of things might come to mind: a zooming car breaking land speed records; a soaring plane bursting through the cloud barrier; a sturdy ice axe dug deep into a crest 14,000 feet above sea level. But — musical instruments? Does something that requires finesse and a deft touch really need such a high performance material? Why carbon fiber? KLOS says: "Because we want our instruments to last forever."


Carbon Fiber has roughly 60x the strength-to-weight ratio of steel. And, on a molecular level, carbon fiber is a much more stable material than wood. So, that means carbon fiber is extremely resistent to temperatue, humidity and impact. For the instruments, the neck won't twist, warp or crack with the climate. For you, that means your instrument will stay in tune longer and last you a lifetime.


Carbon fiber's stability benefits musical instruments in a myriad of ways. For one, it provides carbon fiber guitars with astounding sustain. Wood is porous and inconsistent, so soundwaves leak out more often instead of traveling through the neck and body to the soundhole. You can expect booming projection, clear tones with no dead frets and impossible sustain from every KLOS instrument.


Of course carbon fiber being lightweight adds to the instruments' portability. But, it also improves its playability as well. For our more bigger, studio-worthy instruments, you'll get less strain on your neck after playing for a long time. Plus, KLOS runs each instrument through a PLEK machine, which is a computerized precision fret cutter that lets us get incredibly low action without fretbuzzing. When you pick up a KLOS Guitar, you won't want to put it down.

Greater than the Sum

Through their time building carbon fiber travel guitars, KLOS Guitars intimately understands the inherit benefit carbon fiber brings to instruments. They've iterated and innovated for almost a decade to provide durable, lightweight and great sounding instruments to musicians. KLOS doesn't just make instruments. They make life-long companions: one you'll always want by your side, rain or shine.

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