Our Carbon Fiber Basses and Electric Guitars Are Essential Gear

Our Carbon Fiber Basses and Electric Guitars Are Essential Gear


Our carbon fiber basses and carbon fiber electric guitars are a hit. 


We sent a few of our instruments to select reviewers. This is what they had to say: 

“This is a guitar that I was not prepared for…” - GuitarHunter (Jeremey Sheppard) 


The Apollo Series stands alone. A bilateral-weave carbon fiber neck conjoined with a carved-out wood body. These instruments offer the resilience of carbon fiber instruments by using it where it matters most, while also incorporating familiar traditional materials. 

While companies like Modulus, Status, Emerald and others create beautiful instruments with carbon fiber, our designs allow us to craft premium instruments without the premium cost. 

“I don’t think I have any other bass that does this…” - Bully Thakidd 


These instruments were made for people who play. Whose backs start aching as they think about lugging around their bass or guitar. The Apollo series is lighter than your average guitar or bass, and with a bolt-on neck and specially designed travel gig-bag, it’s also more portable than your average electric instrument as well. Worrying about weather or humidity is a thing of the past. 

“The tone was great…" - J Cruz Project 

First and foremost, the Apollos are made to sound spectacular. Carbon fiber has its own unique resonance and vibrates differently than wood, providing a clearer and brighter tone on the same pickups. Our in-house KLOS Blackout passive humbuckers bring the sound into full view, offering incredible range and clarity. 

“Really, really nice sound. It plays great…” - AMP (Andrew Pincock) 

Precise and comfortable play, no matter what. Glide around the meticulously constructed composite neck. We’ve designed the shape and feel of the neck to emulate the most popular neck styles, while adding our own level of refinement. Playing a new instrument has never felt so comfortable or so familiar.

“The carbon fiber looks great on the neck and on the pickguard…” - The Bass Channel 

A Fender the KLOS Apollo is not. While the design of the body might look a little familiar, we’ve updated the strat-style to be more in-line with modern needs and conveniences. Easily swap out whatever electronics you prefer underneath the carbon fiber pickguard.


“Beautiful construction in every way.” - Darrel Braun Guitar

We pride ourselves with the hand-crafted touch we’ve put into every single one of our instruments. We pour over them with a meticulous eye to ensure that it meets the quality and standard people desire. Because we build them to be yours. Work with us, or if you’re feeling adventurous yourself, to mold the easily modified Apollo into the guitar or bass of your dreams. 

The KLOS Apollo Series (Electric Guitars and Electric Basses) are available now. 

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