Fishman Fluence on a Carbon Fiber Bass - Tone Demo

Fishman Fluence on a Carbon Fiber Bass - Tone Demo

SLC based musician Adam Overacker (@adamoveracker, shows off the various tones capable on the Klōs Apollo Bass Pro with Fishman Fluence pickups.

Adam is a professional bassist who has toured the country with popular artists, has worked on Broadway, and toured with the Book of Mormon musical. Adam owns 3 KLŌS Apollo Basses. Check out his website above to learn more about him.

0:00 - 1:00 Intro
1:01 - 1:47 - Apollo Bass Pro Intro
1:48 - 5:10 - Knob Tone Demos
5:11 - 7:27 - Fishman Fluence Voicings

AMP used in video: Fender Rumble 75

Original and totally re-imagined, Fishman Fluence pickups have 3 voicings with a coil split, which is like having 6 basses packed into 1, resulting in a wide range of tones that can play any genre. It’s thanks to the patented new technology that doesn’t use wire coils. The Fishman Fluence are free from hum and noise, even with the single coil voicing. The controls have the Push Pull the knobs to go to single coil, and a 3 way switch to choose the voicing. Standard wiring is with 4 knobs (1 volume, 1 blend, 1 bass EQ, 1 treb EQ).

The all new KLŌS Apollo Pro carbon fiber Bass guitar has tons of features everywhere you look. Starting with the carbon fiber neck, carbon fiber pickguard, solid wood body and humbucker pickups. Now you may think that is it, but when you look closer at each part, you discover that this carbon fiber bass is packed with innovative features everywhere you look. When designing this bass, we analyzed all the best qualities of existing bass guitars, and expounded with incredible features, making the Klos Electric Bass a superior, well rounded, top quality bass that makes your mouth water every time you steal a glance. Each bass is precisely assembled, wired, and tuned in our factory in Utah, the heart of the Rocky Mountains. The moment you pick up the bass, you feel quality craftsmanship at every touch.

Dark Brown Ash Body
KLOS Humbucker Pickups, or Fishman (+165$)
Carbon Fiber Neck 24 Fret
Composite Fretboard
Carbon Fiber Pickguard
Ratio Premium Multi-Gear Tuners
KLOS Bridge (Custom Aluminum/Brass)
Aluminum Knobs (Black with white line)
D’Addario Coated Strings
Graph Tech Nut
KLOS Gig Bag with Neck Sleeve and Rain Cover
Strap (Please note: strap in images is brown, current guitar straps are black)
Capo (Premium Aluminum Spring Trigger)
KLOS Silent cable (20 ft, S.L.)

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