Elevate Your Fender Electric with a KLŌS Carbon Fiber Neck Upgrade

Elevate Your Fender Electric with a KLŌS Carbon Fiber Neck Upgrade

It's here, and we can't be more excited. Finally, the latest innovative approach to instrument manufacturing from KLŌS is available for pre-order. 

Upgrade your Fender STRATOCASTER®, TELECASTER®, JAGUAR®, and JAZZMASTER® guitar(s) to have the unparalleled stability and playability of a carbon fiber neck. 

Blend tradition with innovation

The KLŌS Neck Upgrade will fit most STRATOCASTERS® and TELECASTERS®, as well as several other Fender models. 

Why Carbon Fiber? 

 Carbon fiber has 60x the strength to weight ratio of steel. From the neck to the fretboard, this neck won’t wear down with time or get damaged from travel and abuse.

 - Once the truss rod and action is set to where you want it, it’ll stay there. No more temperature and humidity fluctuations impacting your neck.

 - With more stability in the neck, your guitar will stay in tune much longer. Spend more time playing and less time maintaining.

 - Perfect play with a neck that doesn't bend or warp. Never have a dead note or weak fret with the strength of a carbon fiber neck. 

Will it fit my current guitar?

This neck is designed to fit most Fender Guitar bodies, this includes Stratocaster, Telecaster, Jazzmaster, and most Squier bodies. The scale length will be the same, 25.5”, and the carbon fiber heel will fit into your neck pocket as well as your original neck does. The heel on the neck will be slightly different for each model, but that will be cut accurately by us on our CNC. The rest of the neck is the same for all models.  

Modular Neck Plate

We are offering a special price of $400 for pre-order customers, and are currently accepting 50% deposits ($200). The remaining balance ($200) will be due when the product is ready to ship! Installation and pickguard additions are paid upfront. The current shipping timeline is February 10, 2023 for neck upgrade pre-orders placed between 9/12/22 - 12/31/22. Minor design details are still subject to change.

If the new upgraded carbon fiber neck does not fit with your guitar because of an unforeseen irregularity, you’ll be able to return it for a full refund assuming it’s not damaged in any way.

Follow this link to our store page and lock in your pre-order now! 

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