Playing the KLŌS F-Series neck at NAMM

DIY Has Never Been So Easy - Installing Your KLŌS F-Series Neck

Upgrading your guitar can seem like a daunting task, especially when it involves replacing a crucial component like the neck. However, the KLŌS F-Series Electric Neck makes this process surprisingly simple and straightforward. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how easy it is to install the KLŌS F-Series neck on your guitar.

Easy Installation of the KLŌS F-Series Neck

1. Preparation: Before you begin, ensure you have all the necessary tools ready. You'll need a screwdriver, a string winder, and possibly some sandpaper for minor adjustments. The KLŌS F-Series neck comes with all the screws you need, so there’s no need to purchase additional hardware.

2. Remove the Old Neck: Start by loosening and removing the strings from your guitar. Use a string winder to make this process quicker and easier. Once the strings are off, use a screwdriver to unscrew the bolts holding the current neck in place. Carefully detach the old neck from the guitar body. 

3. Fit the New Neck: The KLŌS F-Series neck is designed to fit most Stratocaster®, Telecaster®, and Jazzmaster® bodies, as well as many Squier® models. Align the new carbon fiber neck with the bolt holes on the guitar body. The neck features a sculpted contoured or flat heel joint, ensuring a perfect fit without the need for additional drilling in most cases.

4. Secure the Neck: Once aligned, insert the screws provided with the KLŌS neck into the bolt holes and tighten them securely using a screwdriver. The heel comes with bolt holes that accommodate the standard rectangular bolt hole pattern, as well as the offset contoured heel joint. The heel bolt holes have threaded inserts permanently installed. Make sure the neck is firmly attached to the body without any gaps, ensuring stability and optimal performance.

5. String and Tune: Reattach your guitar strings, starting from the low E string to the high E string. Use a string winder to expedite the process. Once all strings are in place, tune your guitar to your desired pitch. The stability of the carbon fiber neck ensures your guitar will stay in tune longer and require less frequent adjustments.

6. Fine-Tuning the Setup: After the neck is installed and the strings are tuned, you might want to fine-tune the setup to suit your playing style. The KLŌS F-Series neck is equipped with a truss rod that is easily accessible, allowing you to adjust the neck relief to your preference. Because of its material, the truss rod is simply there to adjust the relief for any preferred setup. Once set, you can rest easy knowing it won’t move. This ensures that your action is perfect and the playability is impeccable.

Installation Options

At Home: The installation process consists of several simple steps which will be provided upon receipt of your carbon fiber neck. First, you take off your wooden neck by loosening the strings and then unscrewing the bolts. Then you’ll place the upgraded carbon fiber neck in the neck pocket to make sure that it fits. You’ll receive 4 screws to securely attach the carbon neck to your guitar body.

At KLŌS Guitars with Setup (Recommended): You can choose the option to ship your guitar body to us and we’ll be able to install the neck for you. You won’t need to ship the neck. We’ll do a full set up with new strings to make sure the playability, action, and set up of your instrument is perfect. Because each wooden body might be a little different it is recommended to choose this option. The $100 price includes a shipping label that we’ll email you to ship your guitar body from your (contiguous USA only) to KLŌS Guitars.

Final Notes

The KLŌS F-Series Electric Neck not only simplifies the process of upgrading your guitar but also ensures that your instrument performs at its best. With its superior durability, stability, and playability, installing the KLŌS F-Series neck is a straightforward task that can greatly enhance your guitar-playing experience. Embrace the simplicity and quality of the KLŌS F-Series neck and transform your guitar with ease.

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