Bluegrass Players Rejoice! KLOS Carbon Fiber: The Medium Gauge String King

Bluegrass Players Rejoice! KLOS Carbon Fiber: The Medium Gauge String King


KLŌS Quality assurance manager lets you see and hear for yourself why carbon fiber is best suited for higher gauge strings. 

Imagine this: a bridge that’s popped off a soundboard, a cracked nut, necks folding like a chair and fractures on the soundboard. If you’ve ever tried to put medium gauge strings on a wood guitar that wasn’t specifically designed for them, these probably sound familiar. But, that’s because your guitar isn’t made out of carbon fiber. 

“With bigger gauge strings, you’re going to have way more tension, and it’s going to be pulling on that soundboard the whole time,” says KLOS Guitars’ Quality Assurance Manager Bryan Vigessa. “(With carbon fiber), there is no budging or bowing at all. And, with a wood guitar, over time it’s just going to rise and rise and rise. And, eventually, it’s going to lift the bridge up, like you see most commonly. Or, you’ll get stress cracks on the soundboard.” 

KLOS makes our instruments out of pure, bi-lateral weave carbon fiber. That means the tension from using bigger gauge strings does not affect any of our guitars’ bodies the way it would on a wooden guitar. 

This is huge news for bluegrass players who are looking to have a light-weight, portable instrument that plays and sounds the way they want to. With the KLOS Full Carbon Travel Guitar, bluegrass players don’t have to look any further. Finally, a mobile guitar that can play as fast and as hard as you need. If you want a little more oomph to your strums, the Full Carbon Full Size Guitar would suit your needs. 

If you’re interested in picking up a KLOS acoustic guitar, you can find them here. If you want larger gauge strings on our guitar right away, shoot us a message (

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