KLOS Guitars Review: The Most Durable Carbon Fiber Travel Guitar?

KLOS Guitars Review: The Most Durable Carbon Fiber Travel Guitar?

Have you ever struggled to find the perfect portable guitar? An acoustic guitar that is small enough to fit in an overhead bin while still being loud enough to command a crowd. Tough enough to take on backpacking excursions while still being inexpensive enough to buy on a tight budget.

As you would guess, finding that mix is challenging. But, the Acoustic Travel Guitar from KLOS Guitars might just be your new perfect travel companion. 

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  1. Klos Guitars: Great for Travel
  2. Klos Guitars: Super Strong Carbon Fiber
  3. Klos Guitars: The Highest Quality Components

Here's why Klos Guitars are great for traveling... 

KLŌS Guitars: Great for Travel

Portability, durability, and resonance are the most significant characteristics of a travel guitar. Unfortunately, those attributes are often at odds in guitar design, making most "travel" instruments less playable — and hence less worthwhile to carry along.

Where other wood versions fall short in shape, sound, and performance, the KLOS Guitars Deluxe model strikes this balance in unparalleled form with its sturdy carbon fiber body, portable, folding neck, and deep resonance reinforced by high-quality components.

Aside from the carbon fiber body, the Deluxe's most distinguishing feature is its foldable neck. The neck disassembles effortlessly without removing the strings with the accompanying string clamp and a Phillips-head screwdriver, thanks to four electric guitar-style bolts at its base.

The neck may be adjusted to suit the tastes of individual players. It also has a rosewood and mahogany fretboard, making it seem like you're playing a classic wooden guitar.

The frets are large enough to suit thick fingers, unlike some other travel guitars on the market. There are 19 playable frets in all, 14 of which are not hung above the body.

KLOS didn't make any corners in the engineering of the Deluxe's ax handle, which was created for traveling musicians by traveling musicians.

What it comes with:

  • 1 KLOS guitar - Deluxe travel (available in a left-handed composition)
  • Graphtech ratio tuners
  • Fishman Sonitone onboard preamp
  • Compact screwdriver
  • Gigbag with neck attachment
  • Guitar strap
  • Rain cover
  • Hex wrench
  • Capo
  • Medium guitar picks x2


KLŌS Guitars: Super Strong Carbon Fiber 

Every KLOS carbon fiber guitar features carbon fiber construction in some form, making the brand's instruments significantly more robust, lightweight, and resonant than standard wooden guitars.

The Deluxe, KLOS' flagship travel guitar, has a carbon fiber dreadnought body and carbon fiber stiffening rods placed into a rosewood and mahogany neck.

The advantages of the carbon fiber body in terms of travel are apparent right out of the box. It's not only tough, but it's also light (around 2.5 pounds, almost the same as a quart of milk) and surprisingly sonorous for a guitar with such a small body.

The Deluxe's strong, rich, natural tone directly results from the carbon fiber body, which puts it in a class by itself in terms of sound quality. A hex wrench is used to tighten an adjustable truss rod (made from carbon fiber) that runs the length of the collapsible neck (for increased durability). This allows the musician to fine-tune the spacing between the strings and the fretboard to their liking.

KLŌS Guitars: The Highest Quality Components

The non-electric hybrid series and the nylon version of the KLOS travel guitar are more cost-effective. Despite the fact that the Deluxe costs more than $1,200 for everything you get, it is one of KLOS's best-value guitars.

Along with a durable and useful soft gig bag, the bundle includes a hex wrench, a small screwdriver, a guitar strap, a capo, a rain cover, and picks.

Aside from the accouterments, the KLOS guitar's true value is in its components. It's a gig-quality system that won't fall out of tune. Thanks to sturdy Graphtech ratio tuners, an industry-premium Fishman Sonitone onboard preamp, and a walnut bridge, it will endure the test of time.

When plugged into an amp and combined with the resonance of the carbon fiber body, it creates a tone quality that other travel guitars just cannot match.