Why You Need A Silent Guitar Cable

Why You Need A Silent Guitar Cable

Is need a strong word? Well yeah, but did you ‘need’ guitar number three or that second amp rig for the practice space? The point is, for less than the price of a set of nice bass guitar strings you can get an awesome Silent Guitar Cable!
What is the Silent Cable? With the KLOS Guitars Silent Cable you can unplug at any time and your guitar will never pop or damage your instrument. Yes we agree - it is a pretty cool concept!

KLOS Guitars Silent Cable


The Best Guitar Cable

Simply put, the KLOS Guitars Silent Guitar Cable is the best guitar cable you can buy! Guitar cables need to be durable and sound great, but now is the first time we have an expectation for more...

The KLOS Guitars Silent Cable is an awesome addition to any musicians kit. You'll have the easiest imaginable guitar changes on stage and at home, it's never been more simple to switch between different amps and guitars.


It's easy to see why the KLOS Guitars Silent Guitar Cable is an amazing addition to any guitar player's setup but how much does it cost? Luckily, the Silent Cable is a bargain when compared to any high-quality guitar cable starting at just $45. Some top competition can easily cost in excess of $100 without the amazing Silent Cable technology.

Get Yours Now!

Right now you can get your own KLOS Guitars Silent Cable on Kickstarter for a reduced introductory price of just $23! Don't delay as the campaign will be active until the end of October!

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