What is the Best Parlor Guitar?

What is the Best Parlor Guitar?

What is a Parlor Guitar?

A parlor guitar is essentially just a small-bodied guitar designed for performances in small rooms. Wanna know more about parlor guitars? Check out our article with all the history and information on parlor guitars!

The Best Parlor Guitar?

Well you're on KLOS Guitars website so can you guess what we think is the best parlor guitar? 🤣😎 Jokes aside, KLOS Guitars Carbon Fiber travel guitar is absolutely the best parlor guitar because it is durable, has incredible tone and projection, full scale length, affordability, and excellent playability.

KLOS Guitars Carbon Fiber Travel Guitar

The KLOS Carbon Fiber Travel Guitar is an epic piece of kit for any serious guitar player. Parlor guitar enthusiasts will love that they can take their instrument anywhere while still getting the direct and projecting tone they're used to on their favorite vintage parlor guitar. New musicians will appreciate unmatched playability and an affordable price point. We normally call our instrument the KLOS Travel Guitar but for this article (and because it's such a great parlor guitar), I'll be referring to it as the KLOS Parlor Guitar.


Durability is huge when it comes to acoustic guitars and parlor guitars are no different. Ultimately, something as small as pulling your guitar out after it's been in a cold car during your commute could be enough to completely crack and craze your instruments finish. That same commute during the summer could delaminate the seams of your parlor guitar or cause warping and cracking.

Having a durable instrument is huge because you get to worry less about maintenance and focus more on having fun and making music. Durability extends to stability as well. The KLOS Carbon Fiber Parlor Guitar can collapse at the neck hundreds of times for the frequent traveler.

Tone and Projection

Experienced musicians expect a certain type of tone out of a 'parlor guitar' and the KLOS Parlor Guitar delivers! Sometimes it's great to have an instrument that stops your heart with its lows, but that's not what parlor guitars are all about. The KLOS Parlor Guitar boasts a bright and projecting sound that will fill any room. You'll find it's a real dream to record this guitar as it fits nicely in a mix either as rhythm or as a lead voice.


Most of the time when you go shopping for a new guitar you'll be disappointed to find that everything you want is out of your price range. Nice guitars usually start at about $1000 and can go up into the stratosphere from there.

The KLOS Parlor Guitar starts at just $639. Need I say more?


How good is a guitar if it sounds absolutely amazing, but the playability sucks? Not too good if you ask me. Luckily, the KLOS Parlor Guitar's carbon fiber construction allows for an exceptionally slim neck block. This easy access to the high register make for off the charts playability. And did I mention the KLOS Carbon Fiber Parlor Guitar features a full scale length? Pretty nice.


Well, there ya go. It seems pretty conclusive to me. The KLOS Carbon Fiber Parlor Guitar boasts an unmatched mix of value, quality, and tradition where it counts!

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