What is the Best Guitar for Hiking?

What is the Best Guitar for Hiking?

Most people shy away from bringing their guitar with them on hikes due to price, fragility, inconvenience, or discomfort. The best guitar for hiking? It needs to put all of those concerns to bed. Simply put, the KLOS Carbon Fiber Travel Guitar is the perfect guitar for hiking because it is durable, affordable, and easy to bring along. But hey, don't just take our word for it. I'll be sharing stories of some epic KLOS Guitar adventures down the longest trails and to the top of the tallest peaks along with more about why our guitar is the perfect companion for your next hike.

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For most guitar players, durability might not matter too much. But if you're an adventurous traveler, an ideal instrument needs to be able to take a beating. The KLOS carbon fiber travel guitar stands up to bumps and bangs on the hiking trail and don't worry about it bouncing around in the back of a pickup truck on the unpaved road to the trailhead.

The KLOS Carbon Fiber guitar is more than just durable. It's also stable. That means you don't need to worry when taking your guitar from a warm house out into freezing cold weather. Traditional wood acoustic guitars could suffer cracking, seams opening, or finish crazing under severe temperature change.


Price is a huge factor for any instrument purchase, but it needs to be doubly considered when the plan is repeated exposure to hazardous environments. The durability of the KLOS Carbon Fiber Travel Guitar has already been highlighted, but it's got an affordable price tag that will remove any hesitation from adding this travel guitar to your gear checklist.

Fine acoustic guitars usually start at around $1000. The KLOS Carbon Fiber Travel Guitar starts at just $639. 

Gig Bag

The innovations don't stop when we begin discussing the KLOS gig bag. We designed the gig bag to serve every function from travel to the office and beyond. We looked to the outdoor industry for inspiration in terms of functionality and materials. The KLOS Guitars gig bag comfortably hold the instrument with the neck off or with the guitar 100% ready to go.

High Peak Summits

Chris Bailey is a pretty epic human. He has climbed to the summit of the highest peak in the United States - Denali. Even cooler, he brought along his KLOS Carbon Fiber Travel Guitar. Maybe your hikes aren't quite as cool as Chris', but you can still bring along your own KLOS. Check out the full trip report from Chris here.

The Longest Thru Hikes

Soren Christian hiked the Pacific Crest Trail, a thru-hike spanning 2650 miles from Mexico to Canada. The only guitar tough enough to bring along with him was his KLOS Carbon Fiber Travel Guitar!

Check out our full blog post on Soren's adventure here.


Bringing a guitar along on your hikes is a great way to spice up that already rewarding summit experience. Stretch your lungs in that thin air with a jam and a song. Hiking and music are all about fun and enjoying life, so it's a good idea to combine them whenever possible. With the KLOS Carbon Fiber Acoustic Guitar, you can bring your music anywhere!

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