What is the Best Guitar for Backpacking?

What is the Best Guitar for Backpacking?


On a long backpacking trip, every ounce counts. At the same time, there's always room for some creature comforts. There's room for a travel guitar on even the most ambitious thru-hikes or backpacking trips. Ultimately, if you're considering bringing a guitar along on your next backpacking trip, you need to consider Durability, Weight, Affordability, and Packability. 

If you want to skip all the details, feel free to head straight for the KLOS Travel Guitar product page. We promise this is a great guitar to take on a backpacking trip. 🙂

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Gear durability is everything on a backpacking trip. From the weekend warriors all the way up to the thru-hike crushers, an ideal travel guitar for backpacking needs to be able to take a beating. The KLOS carbon fiber travel guitar easily stands up to bumps and bangs on the hiking trail where a normal wood acoustic guitar would surely sustain significant damage.

The KLOS Carbon Fiber guitar is stable which is another area that is lacking on wood acoustic guitars. Stability means no worries in high humidity, rain, or massive fluctuations in temperature.


Weight is a huge factor on any backpacking trip. In the world of the ultralight thru-hiker, there will never be room for a travel guitar. At 2.86 lbs, this guitar isn't ultralight and it never will be. But you can feel content that you have brought along the right tool for the job - an instrument that will be just as reliable and solid at the end of your adventure as it was at the start. Save for maybe some scratches and scrapes just like you're bound to receive during the adventure too.


Backpacking ain't cheap and neither are top of the line guitars. Normally at least. Fine acoustic guitars usually start at around $1000. The KLOS Carbon Fiber Travel Guitar starts at just $639. When a sleeping pad can quickly jump into the hundreds of dollars, we think it's a pretty good bargain to get a made in USA carbon fiber travel guitar for such an affordable price.

Gig Bag

The KLOS gig bag is 100% good to go. It's actually beyond good to go. We took design cues straight from the outdoor industry to make the best gig bag we possibly could. It's durable, comfortable, and versatile. Most true hikers will be working with a much larger primary backpack. If you plan to play your travel guitar frequently, just clip the gig bag to your main backpack. If you're planning to mainly play music in your campsite or when you get to town, it can easily fit inside your backpack with the neck collapsed.

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Our recommendation? Bring along a guitar on your next backpacking trip - but make sure it's the RIGHT guitar. The KLOS Carbon Fiber Travel Guitar is the perfect guitar for any adventure and it luckily comes at a price that almost any backpacking musician can afford.

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