The Best Guitar for the Beach

The Best Guitar for the Beach

There’s nothing better than bringing your guitar to the beach, but don’t try it with a normal wooden guitar. Beaches are Humid, Salty, Hot, and Sandy - all conditions that add up to abuse for a wood guitar. A carbon fiber guitar is the perfect instrument to bring to the beach. Carbon fiber guitars have the necessary stability and durability for such harsh conditions and sound great with the volume to cut through the sound of the waves.

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Carbon fiber guitars stand up to any humidity!

Consistent, proper humidity is critical for traditional wood guitars. A beach environment with high humidity can easily open up seams in your instrument. Sudden changes in temperature at nighttime or later that night back at home can cause crazing, crackling, and other finish damage. Prolonged exposure to high humidity can result in wood instruments warping to an unplayable degree.


A little moisture is nothing to the KLOS carbon fiber guitar.

Moisture is one of the biggest enemies of wooden instruments and it’s in no short supply at the beach. Liquids can negatively affect wood guitars in many different ways including finish damage and warping.


KLOS instruments are easy to wipe down with a soft rag after a session at the beach.

Saltwater in the ocean is super harsh. Harsh enough to cause corrosion and permanently damage wood. The average varnish coating on an acoustic guitar is not made to withstand extreme environments. Exposed to salt, your wood instrument will quickly become unplayable.


Carbon fiber guitars are ultra-stable even against the most extreme heat or cold.

Beaches see massive temperature changes from daytime to night. That sudden shift can cause a wood guitar to split or could open up glue seams. Very extreme hot temperatures can quickly cause irreparable harm as the different woods used in the instrument will expand and contract at different rates.


Don’t worry about sand ever again with a carbon fiber guitar.

No one likes sand. It gets stuck everywhere and causes tons of damage due to its abrasiveness. A small amount of sand in your case could create permanent damage to wood guitar. Carbon fiber can be scratched by sand, but the durability is not affected.


Compared to wood, the KLOS carbon fiber guitar sounds just as good and is also way tougher. If you’ve always dreamed of taking your guitar to the beach, now is the time to consider a carbon fiber guitar!

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