Finding the Right Sound in KLOS

Finding the Right Sound in KLOS

Customer and KLŌS enthusiast Doug Millaway wrote this fun thinkpiece about our durable ukuleles. Currently he owns a travel guitar and a ukulele. Hear what he has to say!

It's really no accident that Ukulele and Ubiquitous start with the same letter. It seems that everybody and their puppy owns at least one ukulele in their collection of stringed instruments. It's also no accident that KLOS and Knowledgeable also start with the same letter. Those in the know about how ukes go anywhere under any conditions understand why KLOS developed a virtually indestructible instrument that even your gramma can't kill.

You've seen the videos on the KLOS site of employees playing golf or taking batting practice with a KLOS instrument. That's all good, but if you really want to test it out, give it to Aunt Marie, because you know she's going to forget it's in the back seat of the car and she'll pile all her garage sale treasures on top of it and keep it locked up in 100-degree weather for a week. Take that baby out and bingo, still in tune and playing like a champ.

The toddler test is also a winner. Anytime a three-year-old is within 30 feet of a guitar or ukulele, a secret spell is placed on that child to knock it over, slobber on it, or attempt to pull the strings off one by one. Better yet, a Toddler Ensemble Durability test (TED Test) where 5 kids are placed in a room with one red KLOS Carbon Fiber Uke. A KLOS uke will survive that test and the video will surely go viral.

My theory is that ukes are for everyone, and KLOS ukes are for everyone that understands the value of durability, clarity, and most of all, a quality sounding instrument.

Integrating high-quality construction with awesome tone and playability is a goal for which every instrument maker should aspire, but alas, only a few visionaries have made it happen. Thanks to KLOS, we have the ability to choose excellence as they pursue perfection.

I should have mentioned that I am what I refer to as a non-millenial. As a matter of fact, I am a sexagenarian (sounds intriguing doesn't it?). What that really means is that if you look at all the pictures of the cool kids playing their guitars, not many of them have white hair like me. One of the advantages of being a white-haired sexagenarian ukulele player (whtsup?) is that I can be picky and spend my discretionary dollars on things I love. Ever since my first guitar back in 1965 or so, I have been searching for "the sound". That's the reason that I ordered both a KLOS ukulele and a KLOS Travel Guitar.

In June, I will be traveling to Olivet, MI to attend my second Midwest Ukulele and Harmonica Camp. Unfortunately, I won't have my KLOS Ukulele yet (coming in July), but I will be taking my KLOS travel guitar and wearing my KLOS gear because I believe in this company and their commitment to quality.

Every time I have reached out to customer support, they've been quick to respond and thorough in their replies. Good relationships are made easier when you know you are putting out a high-quality instrument. As I said, (good) Ukes are for everyone!

P.S. I guess Utah, home of KLOS, also starts with the same letter as uke and ubiquitous, so that something too, eh?