"In my small years my father taught me basic chords and progressions and entrusted/intrusted me with his hiking guitar. Its imperfect wooden body had knocks and dings that told stories of far off places. As an independent adventure-seeker I hiked Southern Africa, travelled Europe and discovered New Zealand with that guitar. We shared glorious moments but she was fragile, her sound slightly temperamental and she grew a little tired.


Back home I kept playing. I became the rhythm guitarist of a gypsy jazz band called Manouche. We toured and recorded, but by far my greatest joy will always be to make music when I feel moved to, and this happens most when I am out there in the mountains.


Last year, on my way to hike El Capitan for the first time, I met Ian who introduced me to his latest design. Today I have a modern travel-guitar: she is small and light, black and sexy, her sound is full and her tone rich. My Klos companion."