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 Aggressively catchy melodies pair with soul-filled lyrics in musical architect Michael McFarland’s writing. Garnering comparisons ranging from modern rock acts such as Weezer and Bastille to classic singer-songwriters such as Paul Simon and Bruce Springsteen, McFarland’s songwriting is frank, expressive, and clever. Whether touring the country by motorcycle playing shows from coast to coast, co-writing songs with his creative partners in Nashville, or hard at work in his home-base Spontaneously Combustible Studio in Cleveland, Ohio, McFarland always makes sure he’s got a six-string within arm's reach. The KLŌS travel guitar’s portability, durability, and sound has made it his go-to instrument for the stage, the writing room, and the studio. Performing live-looping acrobatics as a one-man rock show, McFarland effortlessly elevates the material on stage with a seemingly inexhaustible energy. Showing a maturity of style and sound that has developed through years of travel, relationships, heartbreaks, and reinventions, McFarland’s music contains talent, passion, and lyrics that come from the heart. The result? A big, bright, and lovestruck slice of anthemic indie rock.