Jordan Ham found a desire to play music after watching his dad sing and play guitar at summer camp. In 2015, Jordan partnered with Love Light + Melody, a nonprofit founded by Brad Corrigan of the band Dispatch. Jordan has been offering free music education to two different schools and a kids club located in the community they serve outside Nicaragua’s biggest trash dump. “Teaching, giving, and sharing music will always be a big part of my focus. I would say freely giving music away and sharing what is one of my most treasured gifts has opened every door for me to have music apart of my life everyday.” Jordan is proud to now play both the KLŌS guitar and ukulele for both teaching and touring. “I love the strength and I love the sound!” As Jordan travels with his KLŌS instruments performing all through out the Americas he carries it in his heart and efforts to shine a light and bring in support for Love Light + Melodies impactful work in Nicaragua!