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Hannah has been playing a variety of music and instruments for most of her life (13+ years). Through secondary school, she progressed in her studies on clarinet and bass clarinet, with ventures to both saxophones.

Upon her education in music therapy at West Chester University of Pennsylvania, Hannah studied piano, voice, percussion, and guitar. She immediately fell in love with playing guitar and it became one of her favorite instruments. In the midst of her clinical education during the COVID-19 pandemic, disinfection/sanitation protocols were changing, and unfortunately, Hannah was also involved in a car accident.

During her recovery and the rest of her music therapy internship in healthcare, Hannah was searching for a more portable and durable guitar. After a colleague mentioned Klos guitars, Hannah immediately purchased an acoustic-electric full carbon travel-size guitar.

"It was been life-changing to have such a lightweight, low maintenance, and sustainable guitar when trying to work and play with a chronic illness. It has been the perfect solution for my professional career as a board-certified music therapist (MT-BC) when working in healthcare with older adults, schools with children with various disabilities, and private practices." 

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