Edmond has always been taken with music and nature. He owes it to his dad, who made sure that each weekend was well-spent among budding trees with music as their best companion. Edmond tried a wide variety of instruments until he landed on the guitar and a whole new experience took form between its 6 strings. After his father's death Edmond had to sell his guitars. It was during his travels in Nepal that he discovered the ukulele while hanging out at a friend's place there. It seemed very appropriate to take it with him on a hike and get to learn it more. It was as blissful and amazing as Edmond imagined it - from then on, every hike and every road trip he had to have a Ukulele by his side. His mission was clear. Freedom was found between 4 strings and a tree's shade. However, Edmond's main concern was always the fear of breaking or damaging his ukulele. Then came KLOS Guitars with this amazing carbon fiber ukulele, which had everything an outdoor loving musician could ask for. A beautiful full sound and a heavy duty body with its alluring finish "just made me drool."