Grand Cutaway Mini B-Stock
Grand Cutaway Mini B-Stock
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Grand Cutaway Mini B-Stock

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Years of design, planning and prototyping have produced an instrument that stands unparalleled among KLOS’s acoustic line-up. 

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Grand Cutaway Mini Grand Cutaway
Scale Length 24 3/4” 25.5"
Body Length 461 mm 512 mm
Body Depth 97 mm 120 mm
Body Waist Width 222 mm 248 mm
Upper Bout Width 258 mm 290 mm
Lower Bout Width 367 mm 409 mm
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Featured Specs

  • Body Shape
    Grand Auditorium
  • Body Length
    461 mm
  • Body Waist Width
    222 mm
  • Body Depth
    97 mm
  • Scale Length
    24 3/4”
  • Number of Frets
  • Fret Material
    Stainless steel
  • Fret Size
  • Tuners
    Graph Tech Ratio
  • Type of Neck Joint
    Bolt-on Detachable

Body Specs

  • Body Shape
    Grand Auditorium
  • Body Length
    461 mm
  • Body Waist Width
    222 mm
  • Body Depth
    97 mm
  • String Spacing at Bridge
    2 1/8"

Neck Specs

  • Material
    Black Carbon Fiber
  • Finish
  • Neck Width at Nut
    1 11/16"
  • Number of Frets (Clear)
  • Fingerboard Material
    Composite Ebony
  • Fingerboard Radius
  • Fingerboard Width at 12th Fret
    2 1/16"
  • Fingerboard Width at 18th Fret
    2 3/16"
  • Fingerboard Style
    Traditional Acoustic
  • Headstock Shape
  • Truss Rod
    Steel w/ 4mm Hex Wrench

More Specs

  • String Gauges
    12 Gauge Light (0.12" - 0.53")
  • Strap Pin Buttons
    Black Aluminum

KLŌS Grand Cutaway rests upright on a desert road

comes in small

Grand Cutaway Mini

Turn heads with a regal look and stunning sound, all in a compact package.

A woman plays the KLŌS cutaway guitar while camping in the desert
A cut above

Inspired by the iconic shape of the Taylor GS Mini, the KLOS Grand Cutaway Mini is specially shaped to offer a premium experience for musicians on and off the road. The body’s contours allow for much easier access to higher frets, while the deeper body cavity produces a shockingly vibrant and resonant sound for the instrument's size. The Grand Cutaway Mini continues our mission to innovate from tradition while providing guitar players a lifelong companion.

KLŌS grand cutaway sits in a snow fort, with some snow on the bottom of the body

Never left behind

Designed to be out

KLŌS guitars don't need to be coddled. With temperature and humidity having no effect on carbon fiber, a KLOS is designed to stay out of the case, ready to be played at all times.

Stunning Sound

Incredible action and perfect playability compose a beautiful sound. Hear the KLŌS difference for yourself.

Discover Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber boasts 60x the strength-to-weight ratio of steel. In terms of durability and reliability, carbon fiber completely outclasses wood. Carbon fiber is more resilient to dents, cracking and the elements.

KLŌS Grand Cutaway mini spinning on a white background

Raise your expectations

No bowing. No warping. No dead frets. No problem.
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  • Angled Headstock

    A compact and minimalistic headstock. Featuring a 3+3 tuner pattern that still has the same spacing as a 6 in a row, making tuning your strings just as comfortable, yet feel lighter. The tuners are the heaviest part of the neck, so keeping the weight of the tuners down, and having a lightweight carbon neck will make guitar playing for hours even more enjoyable.

    The headstock break angle is 11 degrees, making it the optimal angle to have the perfect string force on the nut. This lowers the friction of the string on the nut, which lowers the chances of your strings going out of tune on their own, and makes tuning your strings more precise. When you look at the neck from a front view, you will also see that the strings go in almost a straight line, which also lowers the friction on the nut, which also helps create optimal tuning.

  • Detachable Neck

    The bolt-on neck is one of the game-changing features of our guitars. It’s perfect for those moments when you need to put it in a suitcase or you are in a crunch for space. Since guitars in general are very portable, making them durable and easy to travel with is naturally the best solution. All our guitars have the detachable neck function.

    The Hybrid wood necks, and the carbon necks have four metal threaded inserts that are permanently installed, in which the four bolts go into, allowing you to take the neck on and off an unlimited amount of times.

    Bolt on Acoustic guitars are not very common because they are difficult to design out of wood, but with the KLOS patented injection molded neck block, we were able to achieve incredible results and have all the benefits of a detachable neck on an acoustic guitar.

  • Neck Design

    A guitar neck is long and thin, which is why it is even more important that it is stronger, lighter and more reliable than any wood neck.

    The most common place for a wood neck to break is where the neck meets the headstock. With a carbon neck, this position is equally as strong as any other part of the neck, so you can rest assured that you have the strongest neck in the world.

  • Neck Features

    The carbon neck has a truss rod like most wood guitar necks, but it’s not for the purpose of strength, it’s for the purpose of adjusting the bow of the neck to the exact preference of every player. We adjust the truss rod to the most popular neck relief in our factory , but it can be easily adjusted by every musician with the included wrench.

    The fretboard on the neck is a composite synthetic ebony which does not expand or contract with temperature or humidity changes or with time. That means you will never have issues with sharp frets, and your great great grandchildren won’t either. The beautiful ebony-like fretboard is dense, durable and smooth.

KLŌS Grand Cutaway Mini hangs on a desert tree

Locally Made

Born From the Rockies

We are proud to design, assemble and build our instruments in our home, using parts we source from top-tier global suppliers.

Convert Gig Bag

The patented KLOS Convert Gig Bag has the unique feature of having 2 modes of operation. It works as a standard gig bag when the guitar is fully assembled, and also when the neck is detached, unbolted and collapsed. That’s right, the same bag works for when the guitar is folded and when it’s fully assembled.

When the neck is detached, the neck goes in the neck sleeve, on the side of the folded gig bag. The gig bag materials are made from the same stuff that camping backpacks are made out of, making it durable and reliable. With the guitar itself being very durable, a traditional hard case is not as necessary for most day to day use, making the KLOS soft case gig bag is the perfect choice for the KLOS guitar.

Choose your size

A KLŌS luthier assembles a KLŌS Travel Guitar

Crafted with care

Our People Are Our Advantage

Musicians know what musicians want. As players ourselves, we know the difference between a guitar that you'll forget and one you can't get out of your mind.


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