What is the Side Sound Port?

The simple answer: The side sound port is a second sound port (1.75" diameter) in the top of the guitar. It helps get the sound from the strings more directly to your ear. It doesn't replace the main soundhole. 

Sometimes when you're playing in noisy environments or playing nuanced songs on a guitar with a traditional soundhole, they don't sound quite right. This is because the directed sound from the front of the instrument has farther to travel and bounce before it makes it back to your ear. The increased distance and environmental variables make it more likely that some frequencies will be "lost" or distorted. 

The side sound port is a great option for people who play alone, in small venues, amplified, or want the best exposure to the raw sound coming from their KLOS instrument. 

Since the side sound port offers sound another route to escape from the soundbox, it can reduce the volume substantially. If you're using the instrument for gigs, you'll probably want to amplify the instrument to get the best possible projection and presentation. We're working on finding a way to cover the second sound port and regain that projection. 

We also offer the second sound port on our ukuleles.

This picture shows a black carbon fiber guitar body with a traditional soundhole as well as a second 1 3/4 inch soundhole in the side of the upper lobe of the guitar's body.

Placement on a guitar

Image showing the back of a black KLOS carbon fiber ukulele. The ukulele has a second soundhole in the bottom lobe of the body.

Placement on a ukulele