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KLOS Carbon Fiber Acoustic Guitar - Full Size - B Stock

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The KLOS full size acoustic guitar features a carbon fiber body and a wooden neck to produce one of the most comfortable, durable, affordable and best sounding guitars out there. Our gig bag and neck sleeve combination allows the guitar to be carried when it's fully assembled, or disassembled. When "Yes" is selected for the package deal, the guitar comes with the: gig bag, gig bag neck sleeve, gig bag rain cover, capo, and guitar strap. 


When "No" is selected for the Package Deal option, the guitar does not come with any accessories. Orders ship within three business days of being ordered. LEFTY models are currently not available. 


A factory second guitar is merely cosmetically flawed. It is just as durable and beautiful sounding as a brand new guitar, however, throughout the manufacturing process, it has an imperfection that does not allow us to sell it as a perfect guitar. These imperfections are minor, ranging from a small scratch, a wave in the carbon fiber weave, a slight ding in the soundboard or neck, etc. Most people can’t even tell that there is an imperfection, but because we pay such careful attention to each detail, we are aware of them.

      Package Deal (Includes all accessories)
      Carbon Fiber Stiffening Rods
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        Andrew B.
        Canada Canada
        Andy Byrne

        I finally got my guitar!!! I've been watching YouTube videos for a while and finally decided to get one. I'm just learning but thinking I can learn on this one, practice with this one and take it camping without worrying about it getting wet. I know it's going to last a lifetime!

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        I love mine

        I have a B-Stock guitar where the only flaw I could find was a bit of asymmetry in the carbon fiber weave. I would use my Martins and Taylors for recording or gigs, but because I leave this one in my car, it has been a wonderful tool for impromptu performances and times where I just need a guitar break. I am super glad I bought it.



        Carbon fiber is an infusion of the most durable fibers and the strongest resin, commonly used in the aerospace industry. This creates a lighter, more durable instrument, with more volume than a similarly sized wooden counterpart.

        KLOS carbon fiber is never post-processed—our guitars are naturally beautiful without sanding, polishing or painting. This is the way they come out of the press. There will often be small marks, crease lines, or fiber distortions from this process, true hallmarks of a genuine carbon fiber guitar.

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