Apollo Pro Electric Bass
Apollo Pro Electric Bass
Apollo Pro Electric Bass
Apollo Pro Electric Bass
Apollo Pro Electric Bass
Apollo Pro Electric Bass
Apollo Pro Electric Bass
Gig bag converts to backpack. Carry-on approved. Accessory bundle.
White Electric Bass on a white background (rear)
Close up of Apollo Bass neck joint
Black Electric Bass on a white background
Black Electric Bass on a white background (rear)
Golden Brown Electric Bass on a white background (rear)
Golden Brown Electric Bass on a white background
White Apollo Pro Electric Bass
Black Apollo Pro Electric Bass
Aqua Apollo Pro Electric Bass
Golden Brown Apollo Pro Electric Bass

Apollo Pro Electric Bass

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The Apollo Series is the perfect harmony between old and new. With a wooden body and carbon fiber neck, you’ll get an experience unlike any electric bass on the market. The consistent structure of the carbon neck allows you to tune less and play more. Every fret sings, reverberating vibrant, clean tones through the wooden body anywhere you want to play it.

Orientation (Available with Golden Brown Color)

All Apollo Pro series guitars include:

  • Your KLOS Apollo Pro
  • Screwdriver for removing the neck
  • Hex wrench to adjust the truss rod
  • Upgraded Graph Tech TUSQ nut
  • Upgraded KLOS Premium Machine Heads 
  • KLOS Gig Bag ($95 value!)

Add the accessory bundle to get:

  • Neck sleeve
  • Rain cover
  • Strap
  • Capo
  • $86 value!
Apollo Apollo Pro
Pickup Options KLŌS Passive Custom Shop Humbuckers KLŌS Custom Shop Humbuckers (3 knob passive, 5 knob active) / Fishman Fluence Active Humbuckers
Bridge Steel KLOS Aluminum / Brass
Knobs Black Steel Knobs Machined Black Lightweight Aluminum
Nut Nubone XB TUSQ Black
Machine Heads Black KLŌS tuners Graphtech Ratio
Strings D’Addario EXL170 Nickel Reg-Light 45-100 Coated D’Addario XT Nickel Reg-Light 45-100
Color Choice No Yes (upgrade)
Engraving No Yes (upgrade)
Hipshot Drop Tuner No Yes (upgrade)
Custom Pickups, Knobs No Yes (upgrade)
Silent Cable included No Yes
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Featured Specs

  • Body Material
    Ash (Natural Finishes) or Okoume (Solid Finishes)
  • Neck Material
    Black Carbon Fiber
  • Neck Profile
    "C" and "D" shape blends
  • Scale Length
  • Tuners
    Graphtech Ratio
  • Pickups
    KLŌS Custom Shop Humbuckers (3 knob passive, 5 knob active) / Fishman Fluence Active Humbuckers
  • Weight
    7lbs (okoume) / 8.5lbs (ash)
  • Strings
    Coated D’Addario XT Nickel Reg-Light 45-100
  • Pickguard Material
    Carbon Fiber

Body Specs

  • Color
    Dark Brown (default)
  • Finish
    Transparent Gloss
  • Body Depth
  • Bridge Style
    Steel, Hardtail, String Through Body
  • Bridge Material
    KLŌS Aluminum/Brass
  • Bridge String Spacing
  • Knobs
    Black Lightweight Aluminum, Machined
  • Knob Setup
    3 Knobs (2 Volume, 1 Tone)
  • Strap Pin Buttons
    Black Aluminum

Neck Specs

  • Material
    Black Carbon Fiber
  • Finish
    Gloss Lacquer
  • Nut
    TUSQ Black
  • Neck Width at Nut
  • Number of Frets
  • Fret Material
    Nickel Copper Alloy
  • Fingerboard Radius
  • Fingerboard Material
    Composite Ebony
  • Fingerboard Style
    Traditional Acoustic
  • Fret Material
    Nickel Copper Alloy
  • Headstock Shape
  • Truss Rod
    Steel with 4mm Hex Wrench

A spotlight shines on someone playing a KLŌS Apollo Bass on stage



Perfectly balanced, perfect to play. Don't sweat about tuning or upkeep. Just play.

Stunning Sound

A close up of the carbon fiber pickguard on a aqua pro bass

Carbon Fiber Pickguard

The KLOS carbon fiber pickguard takes the concept of a pickguard to a whole new level. Highly modular as well as resistant to dents and scratches. Plus, let's be honest, it looks cool.

KLŌS Blackouts (3-Knob)

These humbuckers blackout pickups have a flavor of traditional humbuckers with a modern touch. Durable injection molded casing with epoxy sealed internals, these pickups produce an articulate sound with a responsive feel. They can easily handle a wide range of tone from clean and quiet, to aggressive drive. 

Fishman Soapbars (4-Knob)

The Fishman Fluence Soapbars are multi-voiced active pickups. Get a range of sounds from classic, funk and jazz all in one bass. Use both pickups, or switch to just one, with just a push or pull of the volume knob. 


KLŌS Blackouts (5-Knob)

Taking our premium KLOS humbucker pickups and wiring them with a 3 EQ pre-amp. This feature is available as an add-on, making it active with a 9 volt battery. The 5 knob configuration for this is 1 Vol, 1 Blend, 1 Bass EQ, 1 Mid EQ, 1 Treb EQ. This active pre-amplifier allows you to shape your tone even more to a wider range of sounds.

Custom Pickups

Because the Apollo bass is so easy to customize, you can choose which pickups you'd like on your bass, ship them to us, and we will cut the pickguard as well as do the wiring. If you start with the pickups we have, but find that they don't quite fit your style, you don't need to buy a new bass. Contact info@klosguitars.com, and we'll find a solution that works for you.

A graphic showing that you can choose to use custom pickups and knob layout for all of the Apollo series instruments
Carbon neck

Durable, reliable, and carefree. This carbon fiber neck is the ultimate bass guitar neck, with a composite ebony fretboard, minimalistic light weight headstock, fully adjustable truss rod, thin heel, detachable for travel, and perfectly shaped profile, it’s hard to think of anything more you could ask for.

Detachable neck

The bolt-on detachable neck is not the primary purpose of the bass, but it is a nice feature that is great in those moments when you need to put it in a suitcase or you are in a crunch for space. This bass is not designed to be a travel bass, it’s designed to be your go-to bass guitar. Since bass guitars in general are very portable, making them durable and easy to travel with is naturally the best solution. 

A look at the two wood types used to make Apollo instruments (ash and okoume wood)
Wood Body

The KLOS electric and bass body comes in 2 wood options, Okoume, and Ash, both of which are superior choices for a solid body guitar. 

Ash is used for it’s high density, strength, and the beauty of it’s wood grain. Okoume is used because of its extreme similarities to mahogany, and while mahogany is currently becoming an endangered species of wood, Okoume is an excellent choice for it being a lightweight hardwood, and being unbelievably similar to mahogany for both tone and looks. Okoume, like mahogany, is less heavy than Ash, and is often chosen by many guitarists for this reason. 

KLOS Pro Aluminum/Brass Bridge

The perfect blend of performance and light weight. The aluminum body is machined from a solid block making it lightweight with precision quality. The saddles are individually machined out of brass to give the optimal sustain and sound transfer. The saddle screws are precisely designed shorter so they feel comfortable and don’t dig into your palm. The hardtail, string through body design provides the downward string pressure for the saddles, bridge, and body. This bridge is as premium as it gets. 

Simple graphic showing the KLŌS gigbag converting into a backpack
The KLOS Convert Gig Bag

The patented KLOS Convert Gig Bag, has the unique feature of having 2 modes of operation. It works as a standard gig bag when the guitar is fully assembled, and also when the neck is detached, unbolted and collapsed. That’s right, the same bag works for when the guitar is folded and when it’s fully assembled. When the neck is detached, the neck goes in the neck sleeve, on the side of the folded gig bag. The gig bag materials are made from the same stuff that camping backpacks are made out of, making it durable and reliable. With the guitar itself being very durable, a traditional hard case is not as necessary for most day to day use, making the KLOS soft case gig bag is the perfect choice for the KLOS guitar.

Ratio Multi-Gear Locking Tuning Machines:

Ratio Tuners, made by Graph Tech Guitar Labs, have a different gear ratio for each string. Thicker strings have more teeth, thinner strings have less teeth. Makes tuning your bass feel and perform like a dream. 

A look at the different ratios the Graphtech Ratio tuners offer
HipShot Bass Xtender for Drop Tuning

Upgrade your 4th string tuner on your bass to have the famous Bass Xtender, which allows you to instantly drop the tuning of your low string and then back up again with the flip of a lever. You can adjust the limit screw to precisely and consistently have the tuning you prefer. If you add this to your order we will install it for you.

Locally Made
Ships from our factory near Salt Lake City Utah

We are proud to have our factory located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, which was the original inspiration for combining adventure with guitars. We are proud to do the design, assembly, and most of the building in our own factory in Utah, and we buy parts and materials from world renowned factories overseas. 

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