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KLOS Carbon Fiber Acoustic Travel Guitar - B Stock

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The KLOS acoustic guitar features a carbon fiber body and a wooden neck to produce one of the most comfortable, durable, affordable and best-sounding carbon fiber guitars out there. When "Yes" is selected for the package deal, the guitar comes with the: gig bag, gig bag neck sleeve, gig bag rain cover, capo, and guitar strap. 


When "No" is selected for the Package Deal option, the guitar does not come with any accessories. Orders ship within three business days of being ordered. Color guitars can take up to two weeks to process. Only one LEFTY b-stock guitar left in stock. 


A factory second guitar is merely cosmetically flawed. It is just as durable and beautiful sounding as a brand new guitar, however, throughout the manufacturing process, it has an imperfection that does not allow us to sell it as a perfect guitar. These imperfections are minor, ranging from a small scratch, a wave in the carbon fiber weave, a slight ding in the soundboard or neck, etc. Most people can’t even tell that there is an imperfection, but because we pay such careful attention to each detail, we are aware of them.

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      Carbon Fiber Stiffening Rods
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        James S.
        United States United States
        My Klos travel guitar experience

        I waited on delivery for 6 days and was eager to get the package and open the contents. It contained all it should and the process of putting the guitar together went well. I was surprised how quickly and firmly the neck and body attached. The tightening and tuning of the strings was quick. They stretched as usual with new strings, but after some adjusting, all sounded fine and the strings held tune overnight. I was a little surprised at the tone of the guitar. I normally play a Martin D-28 and was accustomed to that depth of tone. However, the handling of the little travel Klos was very similar to the way the Martin plays! That was a very nice surprise. I posted on Facebook about the new guitar and many friends have commented and asked questions. I think Klos is an exceptional company. Oh BTW I haven't found the fault on my B-series yet. Good work!

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        Ben S.
        United States United States
        A unique instrument

        I bought a nylon string Klos guitar to take on a long camping trip. I haven't left yet so I can't speak to the durability of it. I can say that playability-wise and quality-wise it is a very finely crafted instrument that lives up to its promise. It is a unique experience to play. Its sustain is remarkable, though the sound takes a little getting used to, and it requires a little adaptation in playing to find your sweet spot. My only criticism is that for the Nylon version I don't like that the bridge is not set up the same as on a standard classical guitar. and The strings are threaded up through the body of the guitar (from inside the soundhole) instead of tied through the bridge. This may be by design to aid in the collapsibility of the removable neck, but I am not sure.

        • What will you be using your KLŌS Instrument for? Travel / Adventure
        Sera D.
        United States United States
        Great Investment, unparalleled customer service

        Loved my whole experience with this company. I wanted a pink Klos, their last one was a b stock. Got it, it looks great, sounds great and am more than pleased with how it sounds compared to my acoustics and previous travel sized guitars. I love it I love it I love it.

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        KLŌS Guitars KLOS Carbon Fiber Acoustic Travel Guitar - B Stock Review
        Brian M.
        United States United States
        Lovely little guitar

        I'm in love with this thing. The "blemish" was a little dent on the top, which isn't very noticeable and doesn't matter to me because I plan to give it many campfire miles. Assembly was easy. I love how carbon fiber sounds; bright, present, and fairly loud. Louder than my regular-sized acoustic made from mahogany. For me, the size makes it hard to leave alone. It's just asking to be played! My right arm needed a day or two to learn how to adjust to the travel size, but now it feels quite comfortable. I can even play cross-legged on the ground with the strap. All in all, very happy with this purchase.

        • What will you be using your KLŌS Instrument for? Travel / AdventureAt home use
        Richard H.
        United States United States
        New Klos Travel Guitar

        Overall a "10" . On arrival it was packaged carefully. It was very easy to assemble. It tuned up quickly and retuning each day or session is minimal. It is a "B" stock but any cosmetic defect is so minor that I am not even sure that I found it, but I think so... The sound is good but a little too brassy for me. I am going to switch to nylon strings at the loss of some volume but for a mellower sound. The neck and fretboard are excellent ! It is the perfect size for practice and travel !

        KLŌS Guitars KLOS Carbon Fiber Acoustic Travel Guitar - B Stock ReviewKLŌS Guitars KLOS Carbon Fiber Acoustic Travel Guitar - B Stock ReviewKLŌS Guitars KLOS Carbon Fiber Acoustic Travel Guitar - B Stock Review



        Carbon fiber is an infusion of the most durable fibers and the strongest resin, commonly used in the aerospace industry. This creates a lighter, more durable instrument, with more volume than a similarly sized wooden counterpart.

        KLOS carbon fiber is never post-processed—our guitars are naturally beautiful without sanding, polishing or painting. This is the way they come out of the press. There will often be small marks, crease lines, or fiber distortions from this process, true hallmarks of a genuine carbon fiber guitar.

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