Lefty - Full Carbon Deluxe Travel Guitar with Side Sound Port

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Lefty - Full Carbon Deluxe Travel Guitar with Side Sound Port

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Our Full Carbon Series guitars feature a detachable carbon fiber neck cast in durable epoxy and features a fully composite fretboard. These components ensure exceptional resilience against changes in humidity and weather. Since the neck and body are both carbon fiber, the resonance and tone of the guitar benefit from the similar vibrational mechanics to give you an astounding playing experience every time you pick up the guitar.

This model is oriented for left-handed players and features a side sound port to provide better sound to the player. This model also features a second sound port in the side of the guitar to provide better sound to the player. Read more about the side sound port here.

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  • The following instrument setups take 2 weeks to ship: Lefty, Nylon, Body Colors.
  • Adding a neck engraving will increase shipping times.
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