Apollo Pro Electric Bass - B-Stock
Apollo Pro Electric Bass - B-Stock
Apollo Pro Electric Bass - B-Stock
Apollo Pro Electric Bass - B-Stock
Apollo Pro Electric Bass - B-Stock
Apollo Pro Electric Bass - B-Stock
Apollo Pro Electric Bass - B-Stock
Apollo Pro Electric Bass - B-Stock


Apollo Pro Electric Bass - B-Stock

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Our B-Stock instruments are merely cosmetically flawed. They are just as durable and sound just as good as a mint condition instrument. At some point in the production process, a component on the instrument was blemished. This could show up as a scuff, dent, a slight wave in the carbon fiber weave, or another minor blemish. We put the same care and attention to detail into assembling all of our instruments, regardless of condition. We will never compromise on build quality.

The all new KLŌS Apollo Pro carbon fiber Bass guitar has tons of features everywhere you look. Starting with the carbon fiber neck, carbon fiber pickguard, solid wood body and humbucker pickups. Now you may think that is it, but...

when you look closer at each part, you discover that this carbon fiber bass is packed with innovative features everywhere you look. When designing this bass, we analyzed all the best qualities of existing bass guitars, and expounded with incredible features, making the Klos Electric Bass a superior, well rounded, top quality bass that makes your mouth water every time you steal a glance. Each bass is precisely assembled, wired, and tuned in our factory in Utah, the heart of the Rocky Mountains. The moment you pick up the bass, you feel quality craftsmanship at every touch.



    • Dark Brown Ash Body
    • KLOS Humbucker Pickups, or Fishman (+165$)
    • Carbon Fiber Neck 24 Fret
    • Composite Fretboard
    • Carbon Fiber Pickguard
    • Ratio Premium Multi-Gear Tuners
    • KLOS Bridge (Custom Aluminum/Brass)
    • Aluminum Knobs (Black with white line)
    • D’Addario Coated Strings
    • Graph Tech Nut
    • KLOS Gig Bag with Neck Sleeve and Rain Cover
    • Strap (Please note: strap in images is brown, current guitar straps are black)
    • Capo (Premium Aluminum Spring Trigger)
    • KLOS Silent cable (20 ft, S.L.)
    • (see specs and table for more details)

    Please note that Apollo bass models in pictures all have different parts and features, please confirm the parts and features that you want in the selections below. 

    Final price:

    • Standard orders ship within 1-2 business days.

    • Custom shop options vary ship times. Contact us info@klosguitars.com for more info

    • We do not include import taxes with our shipping rates.

      International customers are responsible for import taxes and customs fees.

    • Neck Material: Carbon Fiber
    • Fretboard Material: Composite Ebony
    • Neck Shape: C and D shape blend
    • Number of Frets: 24
    • Fret Material: Nickel Copper alloy
    • Truss Rod: Steel with 4mm Hex Wrench
    • Scale Length: 34”
    • Bridge String Spacing: 19 mm
    • Nut Width:  40 mm (1.57in)
    • Pickguard Material: Carbon Fiber
    • Fingerboard Radius: 12”
    • Body Thickness: 40 mm
    • Body: White Okoume Wood
    • Bridge: Steel, Hardtail, String Through Bridge
    • Tuners: Black KLŌS Tuners
    • Pickups: KLŌS Passive Custom Shop Humbuckers
    • Knob Setup: 3 Knobs (2 Volume, 1 Tone)Knobs: Black Steel Knobs
    • Nut Material: Composite Plastic
    • Bridge: Black KLŌS Bridge
    • Included Strings: D’Addario EXL170 Nickel Reg-Light 45-100
    • Weight: 7lbs
    • Accessories: Mini philips screwdriver, 4 mm hex wrench for Truss Rod, 1.5 mm hex wrench for Saddles

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    Our unified assembly and user manual is available below

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    Ships from our factory near Salt Lake City Utah

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    Designed to stay out of the case

    Carbon Neck

    Detachable neck

    Carbon Fiber Pickguard


    KLOS Pro Aluminum/Brass Bridge

    KLOS Pro Aluminum Knobs

    Body Wood

    The KLOS Convert Gig Bag

    KLOS Custom Shop Blackout Pickups (Passive Humbuckers)

    Active KLOS Custom Shop Blackout Pickups

    Fishman Fluence Soapbar (Active Humbuckers)

    Specifications for Fluence Bass Soapbar Pickups

    Custom Pickups! Choose your own pickups and wiring

    Ratio Multi-Gear Tuning Machines

    HipShot Bass Xtender for Drop Tuning

    Hear it for yourself

    About the design of the Carbon neck