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A B-Stock instrument is merely cosmetically flawed. It is just as durable and beautiful sounding as a brand new instrument, however, throughout the manufacturing process, it has an imperfection that does not allow us to sell it as a perfect instrument. These imperfections are minor, ranging from a small scratch, a wave in the carbon fiber weave, a slight ding in the soundboard or neck, etc. Most people can’t even tell that there is an imperfection, but because we pay such careful attention to each detail, we are aware of them. 
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Neck Reinforced with Carbon Fiber Rods: Yes

Neck Finish: Gloss Lacquer

Number of Frets Clear: 14

Fingerboard Width at Nut: 1 11/16”

Fingerboard Width at 12th Fret: 2 1/16”

Fingerboard Width at 18th Fret: 2 3/16”

Fingerboard Radius: 12 1/2”

Fingerboard Style: Traditional Acoustic

Scale Length: 24 3/4”

Neck Material: Mahogany

Fingerboard Material: Brazilian Cherry

Number of Frets: 19

Nut & Saddle Material: NuBone XB

Type of Neck Join: Detachable Electric Guitar Style

Neck Cross Section Shape: Standard Flat Oval

Truss Rod: Steel w/ 4mm Hex Wrench

Body Length: 15”

Body Width: 11.5”

Body Depth Rear: 3.5”

Body Style: Mini Dreadnought

Body Material: Carbon Fiber Composite

Body/Top Color: Black Carbon Fiber

Body Purfling: Plain Carbon Fiber

Body/Top Finish: Gloss, Semi Gloss

Body Bracing: None

Soundboard Bracing: Spruce

Sound Hole Diameter: 3.75”

Machine Head Color: Chrome Steel

Machine Head Material: ABS Pearl

Headstock Shape: Minimalistic

Bridge Material: Walnut

Bridge Style: Traditional Acoustic

Bridge String Spacing: 2 1/8”

Saddle Radius: 12 1/2“

Strap Pin Buttons: Black Aluminum

Strings: D’Addario EJ26

String Gauges: 11 Gauge Super light (.011” - .052”)

Left Handed Availability: Yes

Pick guard: None

Guitar Weight: 3.06 lbs (1.38 Kg)

Pickup: Fishman Sonitone onboard preamp system

Output Jack: 1/4"

Battery: 9 Volt

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Anne G.
Canada Canada
  • What will you be using your KLŌS Instrument for? Travel / AdventureAt home usePerformances
Can't put it down!

I had my travel guitar shipped to Canada. It cost a bit extra in terms of taxes and other fees, but the Klos folks only put $100 for the customs value on the form, so it wasn't too much. Much appreciated. Unboxing was lots of fun. They even put a little treat in the box! Very thoughtful. First off, the guitar is stunning, even more so in person than from the photos online. Mine is a B-stock guitar, but I could only find one tiny mark that I would never have noticed without specifically looking for it. They ship it with the neck detached so you can learn to attach it. Don't remove the capo!! Read the instructions. I highly recommend getting the package with the carrying case. It's very well designed and let's you easily transport it with the neck detached when needed. The backpack straps are very comfortable. Once the neck was installed, which was super simple to do, I tuned it up and it sounded great. It doesn't sound like a full sized guitar and it doesn't sound like a guitar made of wood, but it sounds very cool. You'll also be surprised by the volume, especially if you're strumming. I noticed the frets were very rough, so I contacted the company. They were very nice about it. As the frets should have been polished before shipping, they offered to fix or replace it. I told them it would cost me extra because of the international shipping and taxes, so they offered to cover the cost of a basic setup by my local luthier. I would say that was very fair and I appreciated that they worked with me to find a solution. My guitar is now in excellent shape. The intonation is spot on. No fret buzz anywhere. Very nice to play. Feels a lot like a full sized guitar. Because of the head stock design, it also holds its tune very well. I recommend getting the version with the pickup. It sounds great plugged in. I will probably be putting the backpack on and biking over to the pub for some open mic nights. Cons: there aren't many. However, the head stock could be just a tiny bit longer to properly accommodate a digital tuner. My tuner does still fit on there but just barely. I've seen others say there's nowhere to clip a capo. But, because the did a completely flat head stock, it means you can actually clip your capo to the neck under the strings above the nut. Super cool. Also, although the Fishman pickup is great, ideally the battery pack would be more accessible. That way, you could only put the battery in when you need it, and would be able to switch with a new battery more easily. Pros: There are many! Great value, excellent craftsmanship, nice sound, lightweight, good design features, stylish. I will be enjoying this guitar for many years. I'll be taking it traveling eventually, but for now I'm really enjoying just grabbing it and walking around the house. I highly recommend this guitar. You won't be sorry.

hendrikus v.
United States United States
  • What will you be using your KLŌS Instrument for? Travel / Adventure
Excellent Travel Guitar

Guitar sounds great! Bought a b-stock travel acoustic/electric guitar and was not able to tell any cosmetic flaw. Would recommend a Klōs guitar to my friends who play guitar

Jaap D.
United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates
  • What will you be using your KLŌS Instrument for? Travel / Adventure

Needed a guitar that fits in my suitcase and sounds great. Well, the KLOS does both. Very happy with the playability and compactness. Just came back from my first trip and a 9 hour flight. Took me just a few minutes to ensemble and tune it before I was able to annoy the guest in the room next to me.

Brad M.
United States United States
  • What will you be using your KLŌS Instrument for? Travel / Adventure
Great sound

Easy to purchase. Arrived later than was initially stated (but worked out fine). Sounds great. Cannot find what makes it "B" Stock. Had it at work, other guitarists are now interested in purchasing their own.

Doug M.
United States United States
  • What will you be using your KLŌS Instrument for? Travel / Adventure
Like the guitar but could use some design changes

First off, I love the sound and feel of the guitar. No issues there. I am used to having a pick up that has a tuner built-in. I used my “Snark tuner” but it’s very difficult to attach to the top of the neck. So in the absence of having a pick up/tuner option available it would be nice to have the tip of the neck be another half inch longer to accommodate a tuner. Also having a short tuning head does not allow you to store your capo anywhere. These are just small nit-picky items but it would be nice to have those options available on future models.

Michael C.
Canada Canada
  • What will you be using your KLŌS Instrument for? Travel / Adventure
Versatile and surprisingly loud

This was a Christmas present, but since I am the only person at home during the day, I snuck it out for an hour when it was delivered (don't tell my wife). My first impressions were that it's really small (almost equivalent to my laptop bag disassembled) and surprisingly loud for it's size. The tone will take some getting used to. Playability and intonation were great, but the tone will take some getting used to, good base response and balance between base and treble strings, but it's almost like each string resonated separately rather than mixing together into complex overtones like on a wood accoustic. It sounded almost "ukelele-ish" for higher bar chords. By no means is this a bad sound. Just different than I was expecting. Overall, this is exactly what I was looking for: something I can throw in the bottom of a canoe when I'm tripping, and play around the campfire after a hard day! Thanks Klos

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