Kansas City, KS


St. Louis, MO

Ryan LOVES his KLŌS guitar! He brings it with him everywhere he goes. After only a few months, he has already taken it from St. Louis to New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, and parts of Florida. For a traveling musician, it truly is the way to go! He began playing guitar at 13, after already playing the piano and alto sax before. He studied International Business/Studies, Marketing, and Spanish at Saint Louis University and played gigs throughout his school career. While studying, he released an EP entitled “Sooner Than Spain” and a single called “Lou,” about St. Louis, before spending a semester in Madrid. He is now singing/guitaring in the band Sonder Sway. His passion for travel has led him through much of America, Europe and India. Ryan looks forward to bringing his KLŌS guitar to other places around the world. The lightweight, durable design removes the stress accompanied by traveling with a guitar, so he can focus on taking in the immediate surroundings. Look for more videos in the future!