Chester, UK


Liverpool, UK

Hammy Havoc travels a lot with his work in software development, scoring commercials, film and gamesVoidance Records, and seeing friends around the world. Hammy's KLŌS guitar is going to be getting some serious air miles between Liverpool, Berlin and the USA!


"Traveling on airplanes is so much better, no need to check my guitar separately, I just take it straight onto the plane in my backpack. My KLŌS guitar is seldom ever out of my hands, I come up with ideas for new songs as The Orion Correlation whilst sitting on the couch or at the computer waiting for git pushes to upload to servers. I love being a passenger whilst driving long distances now, it gives me plenty of opportunity to write new music and entertain those around me."


"I'm fortunate enough to live in a beautiful part of the world, I live 30 seconds away from the beach, and about ten minutes from the woods, I find myself going far more often now that I can take my work with me yet still be physically active."


"I spent a lot of time on my own as a child and as a teen after my parents divorced-- I had to occupy myself somehow, and playing guitar ticked all the boxes for me as an outlet for emotion, and something that brought me a sense of contentment and purpose."


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